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Apr 11, 2018

Speed Limit Reduction on Ocean Avenue

Monmouth Beach Ocean Ave

A message from The Monmouth Beach Police Department

As the temperature begins to go up, the speed limit is set to go down. For many years, the Borough of Monmouth Beach has unsuccessfully attempted to have the speed limit of State Highway Rt. 36 (Ocean Avenue) reduced from 40mph to 35mph. These attempts at a speed limit reduction were a direct result of an overwhelming amount of inquiries from borough residents requesting the reduction. Last year, at the request of the Monmouth Beach Police Department, the NJ State Department of Transportation conducted an in depth review and evaluation of the roadway. This process included live observation, crash data analysis, vehicle counts, pedestrian traffic volume, and vehicle speed data and analysis. Ultimately, the NJ State Department of Transportation concluded their report with a recommendation that the speed limit on the roadway be reduced “seasonally” from 40mph to 35mph. That recommendation was fully supported by the governing body of the Borough of Monmouth Beach and the speed limit reduction is set to take place on May 1, 2018. The speed limit will remain at 35mph throughout the summer season and will return to 40mph on October 1, 2018.