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RBR Continues Tradition of Giving to Families at Linkages

This holiday season, the Red Bank Regional (RBR) community continued its decade-long tradition of ensuring that there were plenty of presents under the Christmas tree for the families at Linkages, an organization in Tinton Falls that houses homeless parents and their children.

RBR English teacher Cassandra Dorn, who organizes the program, stated, “So many members of our RBR family participate in the Linkages program as part of their regular holiday gift-giving. We supply the first name and age of a child and their wish list, and our staff members and students ‘adopt’ the children and families and go holiday shopping. This year, 58 children in 29 families directly benefited from the generosity of the RBR community.”

For several weeks in December, a stream of gifts flowed in and out of theRBR English office. Several teachers and Honor Society advisors organized their classes and groups to adopt families; this year, students in the Spanish and French Honor Societies also put together nearly 30 stockings filled with candy to sweeten the holiday for each unit at Linkages. Ms. Dorn and her father have made it their own special holiday tradition to fill their cars and transport this largess to Linkages two or three days before Christmas.

She commented, “During the holiday season, many people look for opportunities to give to the less fortunate. Shopping for a child’s wish list can be more personal and gratifying than making an anonymous donation. Each year, the RBR family seems to embrace that special feeling of goodwill, and 2016 has proven no exception. To borrow a famous movie line, we’re going to need some bigger cars.”

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