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Bart Lentini
Jun 21, 2018

Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, Monmouth Beach, Shrewsbury, Sea Bright to potentially merge with Neighboring Towns

Bart Lentini

Local photographer Bart Lentini captures the sunset under the Highlands bridge. His work can be seen on Instagram @bartlentini

Some New Jersey towns may be forced to merge.

State Senate President Rep. Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester) recommended these changes amidst his ongoing public feud with fellow Democrat and Governor Phil Murphy. Rep. Sweeny points to high property taxes across the state and a potential budget shortfall as warranting such mergers.

Monmouth County towns including Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, Monmouth Beach, Shrewsbury, Sea Bright, are just a few towns in New Jersey that could potentially merge with neighboring towns.

The proposal would examine potential merges between municipalities with fewer than 5,000 people, resulting in shared resources and smaller budgets.

Many people are not happy about this.

Lynn Townshend, a former Shrewsbury resident said, “This really tugs at my heart. I love Shrewsbury. I raised my children here. How can they take this away from us?”

Bartlet Lentini, a Highlands native says, “On the one hand Highlands is very small and could benefit from merging with let’s say, Middletown for example. They would have more funding and could still be an individual “township” of Middletown. On the other hand I believe Highlands is strong as an individual town and can continue to grow on its own. I grew up in Highlands so I would want to see it do well either way of course but I would rather see it remain an individual town and I believe that majority of the current residence would agree.”

This is a developing story.