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May 13, 2017

Freeholders Award Scholarships to Assist Brookdale Graduates Attending Monmouth University

Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry with Brookdale Community College scholarship recipients (left to right): Nicholas Salegna, Meghan Saporita, Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry, Julianna Masco, Thomas Caruso, and Alfonso Nachum.

On behalf of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry awarded scholarships to 13 Brookdale students at Monmouth University’s annual scholarship luncheon on April 6.

To keep Monmouth County’s best and brightest students in Monmouth County, the Board of Chosen Freeholders sponsor the annual scholarship program that benefits Brookdale Community College graduates who elect to continue their college education at Monmouth University.

The 2017 scholarship recipients are William Boman, Renata Bralla, Thomas Caruso, Gabrielle Imbriano, Julianna Masco, Nicole Miller, Alfonso Nachum, Silvana Pagliuca, Sophia Parola, Sabrina Perez, Nicholas Salegna, Meghan Saporita, and Michelle Vovk.

“This program will ensure we keep the best and brightest students here by providing these scholarships for our future community leaders,” Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry said. “Since Monmouth County has some of the finest educational institutions anywhere, our children should be encouraged to attend school here and, hopefully, they will live and work in Monmouth County after they graduate.”

The criteria that has been established for the scholarships is as follows:

  • Student must have permanent Monmouth County address and lived there for 12 months
  • Must graduate Brookdale, completing either an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Fine Arts degree
  • Must have cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better
  • Maintain a full-time course load at Monmouth University (minimum of 12 credits)
  • Must have demonstrated a financial need, with preference being given to federal Pell grant or New Jersey TAG grant recipients

“This is an excellent way to invest in our students and encourage them to stay not only New Jersey, but in Monmouth County,” said Freeholder Deputy Director John P. Curley, liaison to Brookdale Community College. “This seamless and affordable transfer opportunity from Brookdale to Monmouth University will enable some of our best students to earn baccalaureate degrees locally.”

Additionally, the scholarship awards may be renewed annually, providing the funding remains available and the students maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better at Monmouth University.