Mar 03, 2020

Visiting a Few Can’t-Miss Spots in Colts Neck

By Julia Mortimer

Source Farmhouse Brewery, Colts Neck

Colts Neck is known for its beautiful homes and farmland – a Central Jersey town that thrives during autumn. The scenic routes, apple orchard and pumpkin patches can’t be beat. Not only is Colts Neck lovely to frequent in the fall, but during these dreary, cold days, there is still plenty to do in Colts Neck to have a ball.

Where do you go for delicious apple pies, apple cider and apple cider donuts? Yes, Delicious Orchards. If that wasn’t what you were thinking, I am so sorry that you have been deprived of the best fall desserts and a number of other local favorites.

So as you could expect, I began my day at Delicious Orchards. Without any agenda, I just wanted to browse, to “ooh” and “ahh” at all of the delightful offerings. Due to my lack of self-control, I rarely leave without a bag of apple cider donuts or a yummy-sounding dip displayed on one of the sample stands. Once I’d had my fill of apple-flavored goodies and cheeses galore, I left with apple cider donuts in hand to bring back to Philadelphia where I go to school. Some people deal with their stress in a healthy way; I eat my favorite from Jersey’s finest dining spots.

After my successful and satisfying trip to Delicious Orchards, I decided to make my way over to the relatively new hot spot, Source Brewing located on Route 34 (right behind Delicious Orchards). There is a ton of parking, even on a busy Saturday, which is the day I decided to visit. The quaint farmhouse feel that the exterior delivers is so fitting and truly embodies Source’s branding, while also being a beautiful addition to the Colts Neck spirit. Walking through the door into the taproom, we were greeted with the bustling crowd of 20- to 30-somethings laughing and sipping on 6.4-ounce (acts as a taster size) beers discussing or playfully arguing between the lager and IPA. Along with the younger crowds, there were also families with young children.

My mother, sister and I read the list of beers Source was serving and decided on trying The Source of Hoppiness IPA and The Source of Darkness Russial Imperial Stout. I usually gravitate toward IPAs, but I wanted to venture into the stout realm. As expected, both were different but equally tasty! The IPA was more up my alley since I’m a sucker for a strong citrus flavor, but I found that the stout is a solid winter choice. I would also reach for the stout after dinner, in place of a dessert perhaps. As we sipped our beers, we explored the upstairs seating area which is adult-only. It’s cozy with a variety of big board games and a beautiful outdoor deck with wonderful lighting. A great plus is that Source customers can bring food from outside locations. I saw a group of friends sitting, sipping and dipping into some cannoli dip during my visit.

Source Brewing is just the place to spend time with friends and good beers. Taking a visit to Colts Neck’s finest spots is just the thing to do to welcome spring.