Tips for Beach Kids Family NJ
Jul 02, 2018

Tips for Heading to the Beach with Kids

By Alyssa Stutz

Tips for Beach Kids Family NJ

Beach day prep before you had kids: Grab your beach bag, favorite sunglasses and flip flops, and head to the nearest beach. Bonus points if you remembered a towel.

Beach day prep after kids: Multiply that by 500 and accept that you will never have enough towels.

Most can’t argue with the magic that is our Jersey Shore. For adults, that features long days in the hot sand, the salty smell of ocean air, and a chilled drink in hand after a day in the sun. For children, the magic is even greater: melty ice cream cones, a tousled head of hair washed “clean” by ocean water, and days spent barefoot in bathing suits from sun up until sun down.

But let’s be honest: It’s not always easy to get out the door with kids, and when the destination is the beach, the difficulty level rises to whole new level!

Find a good spot: Locating a family friendly space to park your beach chair is imperative to a good day with children. Do the research beforehand, and consider the specific needs of your children. Will they get overtired and need some shade to relax under? Will they be happy to spend the day digging holes and making sandcastles; or will you need to take a walk along the boardwalk for a change of scenery? The details are specific to your own children. Find a spot that works for them – and therefore, you! For those who belong to a beach club, chances are you already know that spot. If not, consider a season beach badge to Sea Bright public (you can even rent a locker for the season to store all those sand toys and non-perishable snacks!) They offer restroom facilities (so important when you have little ones) and a playground if the kids start to get restless.

Make yourself a “Just in Case” container: Expect the unexpected. You want to be ready for everything, but you are already carrying kids, that insulated tote filled with smushed PB&Js, a beach chair (with high hopes that this might be the day you finally get to sit), and buckets of beach toys. To help ease the load, consider putting together a container to keep in the back of your car. Fill it with staples you might need for a day at the beach such as extra diapers (both swim and regular), wipes, dry clothes, cozy sweats in case it gets chilly, lollipops to bribe cranky kids, etc. Make it a habit to replace what you’ve used as soon as you get home, so you are ready to head out next time knowing you always have what you need – just in case!

Bend the rules: Are the kids asking for an ice cream cone before noon? Are they begging to stay up past their bedtime to watch fireworks and catch fireflies? They want to continue swimming well after most would have exhausted themselves? As our local Boss says, “…’cause down the shore, everything’s alright…” Sometimes, the best thing to do is give in a little bit, to make everything alright. Those magical summertime memories the kids are making are well worth breaking the rules for!