Lemon Sorbet Sherbert
Aug 01, 2018

The Joy of Eating Natural Foods

By MaryAnn Miano

Lemon Sorbet Sherbert

Health-conscious Americans have wonderful cookbooks devoted to healthful eating. “The Joy of Eating Natural Foods” is one of them, located in the Colts Neck Library’s Catherine Henning Cookbook Collection. Agnes Toms, author of this organic cookbook, offers a unique approach to good eating.

If you like the idea of eating nature’s wonderful foods unspoiled by pesticide sprays, additives, and artificial coloring or flavoring appeals, you may enjoy this natural-style recipe collection. The recipes evoke an aura of sun-ripened fruits, garden-fresh vegetables, and home-baked breads, with more than 2,000 appetizing, easy-to-use recipes for every occasion.

The joy of eating natural foods

From breakfast to outdoor cooking, from children’s parties to formal dinners, Toms uses ingredients found everywhere today, and offers acceptable substitutes. She promises that the dishes she creates are good and tasty, as well as good for you.

Toms created her recipe collection using high quality, unrefined foods. Consider it a source book packed with menu suggestions, useful charts (such as her Family Food Guide, Time & Temperature Chart for cooking fresh meat, and her thorough but succinct vegetable guide on how to buy, prepare, and serve them), entertaining information about raw foods, and imaginative party ideas.
In the first chapter, she explains the ABCs of good nutrition based on five food groups (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals) and their uses in the body. Subsequent chapters cover breads, rolls, quick breads, casseroles, cookies, cakes, fruit desserts, meats, eggs, appetizers, raw foods, seafood, salads, jams and jellies, and much more.

The cookbook’s layout is easy to follow and interesting enough to engage you like a novel—and it’s all organic! Try the following recipes for a cool summer treat, and remember to use organic ingredients:

Mash 3 ripe bananas and mix with 1 (12 oz.) can of frozen unsweetened orange juice until smooth; set aside. Combine 1 cup powdered skim milk with 1 cup liquid skim milk; add in 2 cups yogurt; mix well until smooth. Combine milks and fruits and mix thoroughly. Freeze. If a smoother texture is desired, mix a second time after first freezing and refreeze. Serves 6.

1 large can evaporated milk, undiluted
2 tablespoons lemon juice
¼ cup honey or ½ cup raw sugar
2/3 cup (6 oz. can) frozen lemonade or any frozen fruit juice
Chill milk in refrigerator, and whip until stiff. Add lemon juice and whip until very stiff. Fold in honey and frozen lemonade. Pour in refrigerator tray and freeze until firm. Any mashed fruit may be used instead of lemonade if lemon juice is increased to ¼ cup. Do not be discouraged if milk seems to take a long time to whip stiff. Serves 4.

Recipes from “The Joy of Eating Natural Foods: The Complete Organic Cookbook,” page 111, by Agnes Toms. Publisher: The Devin-Adair Company, Conn., 1962.