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Teen Scene

By Lori Draz and Tristan DeCrescenzo

Welcome to Teen Scene. This month’s author is 18-year-old Tristan DeCrescenzo, of Lincroft. This month, The Journal is focusing on wedding and special event planning, and as any good party host knows, the music makes the fun. Our author, however, has let music make his career. Tristan turned his love of music and his big, fun-loving personality into a DJ business, where he learned that the real fun begins when you focus on the enjoyment of others. You don’t have to be a performer to make people happy; just share your light and care with others and see what happens. 

Here is Tristan’s story.  

Music has always been an influential and enjoyable part of my life. Now, at 18 years old, I currently have three jobs as a full-time DJ. My work with music is no longer recreational fun; it’s a lifestyle.

It began at a friend’s Sweet 16 party in February 2020. I had no idea that a fun night of celebrating would become my opportunity to live out a dream. 

I’m not shy on the dancefloor, and it seems like the party motivators of Royal Entertainment, who were the disc jockey and party team, noticed my natural love of having a good time. I was so excited when they offered me, a 16-year-old student, a position with their company. I was actually going to get paid to dance at events? Wow! I knew becoming a party motivator was a perfect job for me. 

When gigs started up again after the COVID-19 restrictions began lifting, I set my sites on becoming a DJ. During a gig in June 2021, I told Dylan Dubois, a DJ for Royal, that I wanted to try. He became a fantastic mentor and within a week, Dylan sent me all the info I needed to purchase my first professional mixer. I worked like a madman to master it. After a few weeks, I learned the technical functions, and I realized I had caught on to the art of beatmatching and mixing extremely quickly.

In August, I was offered a place on the Pulse Event Group wedding squad. I started DJing intros and dance sets for weddings in no time.

Eventually, I turned my hobby into my own business. I invested in all the equipment I needed to go solo and officially launched my business, TDJs, in July 2021. I printed business cards and created a social media page on Instagram (@TristanDJs) and soon enough, calls started to come in. My first sweet 16 gig taught me what being an entertainer truly meant. 

That party was a backyard event, so I set up all of my equipment under a tent. After just about an hour, it started to rain. I thought that my luck couldn’t get any worse for such a big gig, but it turned out to be a situation I will never forget. Despite the rain, I kept mixing in some fan favorites, and all the guests were dancing in the pouring rain. The way people’s faces lit up when a certain song came on was even more special now that I was the one playing the music. I was the one making people smile and dance, and I was thrilled I helped make memories for everyone. It’s really powerful feeling that you have the skills to make others have the time of their lives. After hours of dancing in the downpour, the event ended, and I as I was packing up, an older married couple said they “fell in love all over again” to my music and performance. I will never forget it. I fought through the poor weather and learned that when it comes to entertaining people, it’s not your experience, equipment or situation, it’s about working hard to make people happy. 

In two months, I went from being interested in DJing to working as a DJ at all levels of events. I absolutely love what I do, and I am so glad I found this line of work. 

In my short time of being a DJ, I have learned and seen the ways entertainment moves people, emotionally and physically. Just hearing certain songs can bring people back in time to such happy memories or can help them create new memories on the dancefloor.

You don’t have to be a DJ surrounded by massive speakers, bright lights or music to bring joy to people. You just have to want to provide an escape for people where their burdens and inhibitions are lifted. 

Maybe you’ll never stand on a stage with a microphone and music pumping, but being an entertainer is something anyone can do. You can give someone happy memories with a simple compliment or positive gesture. I was just a kid who took advantage of the chance opportunities that came to be, and now I have a career I love. Whatever your story may be, opportunity is everywhere. Taking advantage of opportunities and trying new things takes a little courage, but it can shape your life and the lives of others too. And of course, if you want some great music at your next event, now you know who to call.

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