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Talk Around Town: Snow Days vs. Virtual Learning

Compiled by Kayley Hassett

“I think that it’s really important not to disrupt kids’ routines even if there is a snow day, especially in the younger grades. They rely on the structure of the school week to accomplish their work on time. Plus, it throws off the lesson plans that teachers have set up and can mess up our timelines for an entire chapter.” – Diana Van Orden, St. Dominic Elementary School teacher and mother of two

“Snow days have a kind of nostalgia that I remember even from back when I was a kid, and it’s not fair to take that away from the kids in school now just because we have the technology available. With the number of kids that are already not going to be paying attention to the online lessons, it would be better off in terms of how kids are understanding to just let them have the day. Let the kids be kids and stop trying to pressure them.” – Vicki Rubi, PTO member at Ramtown Elementary School

“The main point of the argument depends on whether or not you believe being online even counts as being school. I know my kids, and I know that when they were online during COVID-19, they didn’t listen to a word their teacher said and gained almost nothing from the experience. Honestly, I would let my kids just take the day off anyway to enjoy the snow.” – Katie McCormick, a nurse and mother of two

“I love snow days. There’s just something about them that always makes me feel like a little kid again, and it’s a really nice break from all the pressure being in school. We haven’t really had a full-blown snow day in a while, but I remember being in elementary school and middle school and just waiting with fingers crossed for my mom to get a call saying we had no school. The inside- out pajamas and spoons under the pillow are just so iconic, and it would stink for kids to grow up without knowing about them.” – Mya Lopes, 12th grade student at Colts Neck High School

“I don’t really think it makes sense to have a snow day in the middle of the year, especially with the snow days that we had last year when we basically just had rain and ice. I would much rather just have the days added on to a long weekend or to our spring break than have one random day that’s not even enjoyable because it’s so obscure.” – Isabella Bruckner, 12th grade student at Howell High School

“I think that virtual learning on days when the conditions are too difficult to get to school is incredibly useful and can help us with staying on track. Teachers are already trying to juggle so much in terms of scheduling, and finding out late at night that there is no school the next day just throws so much off for us.” – Kathryn Richmond, Colts Neck High School teacher

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