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Talk Around Town: Electric Vehicles

“More communities and residents are making the switch to EVs to reduce our carbon footprint, fight climate change, and create a healthier environment. Increasing access to EV chargers in all communities and helping to bring down the cost of electric vehicles is essential to providing equitable access to clean transportation for all New Jerseyans.” -New Jersey Board of Public Utilities President Joseph L. Fiordaliso

“As we enter Year Four of Charge Up New Jersey, we will continue to establish EVs as an affordable and accessible option for all residents, regardless of their income or zip code. In order to remain on track to meet our bold emissions reduction goals, we must ensure that cost constraints and range anxiety no longer pose formidable obstacles for our hard-working families. By investing in electric vehicle affordability and charger access – in addition to enhancing incentives for EVs with lower price points – we will provide every New Jerseyan with an opportunity to reap the full economic and environmental benefits of our transition to a 100 percent clean energy economy.” – Governor Phil Murphy

“The dual chargers for electric vehicles through the NJBPU Electric Vehicle Tourism Program are still in the planning process at this time. Installation details for the charging stations will be announced at a later date. The ultimate goal of the project is to help those who have electric vehicles have charging options when visiting some of our local downtown areas and businesses.” -Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners Director Thomas A. Arnone

“Because petroleum produces more greenhouse gases and air pollutants than electricity generation, especially given New Jersey’s relatively clean electricity sector, the state must take further concrete steps to start to phase out motor gasoline and conventional diesel consumption as quickly as possible by electrifying the transportation sector, reducing reliance on vehicles, and increasing mass transit ridership. In New Jersey, the transportation sector accounts for 37 percent of the state’s net greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest emissions source in the state. Mobile sources are also the largest cause of ozone precursors in New Jersey, responsible for 71 percent of the state’s nitrogen oxides emissions, as well as particulate matter. Ground level ozone, also called smog, can cause permanent lung damage. Importantly, according to USEPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards, all 21 counties in New Jersey are in moderate or marginal non-attainment for ground-level ozone standards. Emissions from cars and light-trucks also account for about 30 percent of the total hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen emission in the air that contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone or ‘smog’ during the summer months.” -New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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