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Talk Around Town: Cannabis in New Jersey

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act allows for the legal sale and use of cannabis and cannabis products for residents 21 years and older. 

Who can buy cannabis?

New Jersey residents or visitors at least 21 years of age can purchase cannabis at a licensed dispensary. Dispensary personnel will need to see a government-issued identification card to ensure purchasers are 21 years or older. 

How much cannabis can people buy?

In each transaction, licensed dispensaries are allowed to sell up 28.35 grams or 1 ounce of usable cannabis. That means 28.35 grams of dried flower, 4 grams of solid cannabis concentrates or resin, the equivalent of 4 grams of concentrate in liquid form (solution in milliliters), 4 grams of vaporized formulations (oil), or 1000 mg of multiple ingestible cannabis-infused products like gummies. Legally allowable product categories include dried flower, concentrated oils, resin, vape formulas, tinctures, topicals, syringes, lozenges and gummies, but availability will vary by dispensary. Perishable edibles like cookies and brownies are not available for purchase from any dispensary.

How much will I pay?

Prices will vary by location and product. All transactions are subject to New Jersey sales tax of 6.625 percent plus a social equity excise fee of one-third of 1 percent.

Where can I smoke my cannabis?

You may smoke in private spaces, however landlords may prohibit cannabis use on their property.

Can I take my purchase back home to another state?

No. It is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines.

Can I give my friends cannabis as a gift?

Yes. You may give up to 1 ounce of cannabis to another adult 21 years or older. You may not accept any form of payment or compensation for the gifted cannabis.

“New Jersey’s licensed cannabis operators will be treated like any other legal enterprise operating in New Jersey, a sense of normalcy that our industry will cherish. Thank you to Gov. Phil Murphy, Assemblywoman Annette Quijano and Senator Troy Singleton for your stewardship on this reform that will provide a mor economically viable landscape for our young industry and those wishing to enter it.” -New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association

“Levels of support for or opposition to dispensaries operating in respondents’ towns changed little in the year since legalization. A slim majority of 53 percent supported dispensaries selling recreational weed where they live, down slightly from 56 percent in an April 2022 Stockton Poll asking the same question. Thirty-nine percent opposed local dispensaries in the latest poll, up from 36 percent a year ago.” -Stockton University poll, April 2023

“NJ Leaf is proud to have our state-of-the-art craft cannabis facility in Freehold Borough. Centrally located in the state and offering a wide variety of some of the best products available in New Jersey, our staff is educated in areas such as strains, terpenes and consumption methods, and are able to give patients a unique experience from start to finish. We also feature a pharmacist-on-staff to offer consultations to patients with questions or concerns. Cannabis is a beautiful and healing plant, and we are here to dispense wellness to those who need this medicine for their well-being. A cannabis dispensary that is focused on education, product quality and patient satisfaction is an asset to any community – and that is what we strive to be.” -NJ Leaf dispensary

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