May 01, 2017

Pinot’s Palette

By Ryan Edelson

There are entertainment venues where you can view the arts from the front row – and then there are venues where you can create the arts yourself. Pinot’s Palette is that kind of place.

Whether you are looking to get in touch with your artistic side or you want to do something different and fun with friends, Pinot’s Palette is worth checking out. With a location nestled in the heart of Red Bank at 12 Broad Street, this intimate painting room is the perfect place to unwind and let your inner artist break through.

With classes ranging from two to three hours long, Pinot’s Palette is a great way to spend your day or evening. Guests are encouraged to bring and indulge in their own wine or snacks. Complimentary glasses, waters, napkins, and ice are provided. To set the mood and get the creative juices flowing, the sound system boasts music requested by guests or selected by the instructor.

As the class begins, painters enter the room, sign in, and choose their own stool and easel at one of the many tables. While most people initially keep to themselves and their friends, by the end of the class everyone is complimenting and engaging with one another. Pinot’s Palette hosts a warm and welcoming atmosphere where painters can spill their minds onto a canvas and bounce ideas and share tips among each other.

They offer two different types of painting classes. “Public Classes” are guided by an instructor and are titled by the name of the featured painting. “Open Studio Sessions” are not structured and invite guests to paint whatever they choose.

“Blue Moon” was the featured painting for the April 5 public class. This painting was a Megan Donnelly original. Ms. Donnelly, a 24-year-old Middletown native, instructed the class step-by-step on how to create the detailed piece. She has been instructing at Pinot’s Palette for a little over two years. Her inspiration for the photo came after drinking a few…yes, Blue Moons.

Employees are able to submit their own art to be featured at any Pinot’s Palette studio across the country. “There have been classes that have taught my work all the way in Oklahoma and California, which I think is awesome,” she stated. “I like sharing my art and having it go places that I have not been myself. Blue Moon has been painted about 40 times so far!”

The class was conducted in a manner that was friendly for all different levels of painters. Each participant is given three different brushes and a palette of paint on a paper plate. The colors are meticulously selected by the instructor to ensure each painter has what they need to craft the perfect piece.

While it is ultimately up to you to decide how to style your painting, each instructor is there to help guide you with words or by demonstrating with his or her brush on your canvas. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel as though you did something wrong, but the staff at Pinot’s Palette is nothing but helpful and sweet.           “There’s no right or wrong way to approach the canvas; it’s really up to the individual,” Ms. Donnelly shared.

Perfect for private parties, corporate events, friendly group outings, and solo explorations, Pinot’s Palette is sure to make the occasion a colorful one! For more information, visit or call (732) 219-9222.