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Let’s Dish: Let’s Talk about Pasta

Ah, pasta…possibly the most brilliant invention known to man (well, to foodies, at least!). Deliciously nutritious, quick to prepare, extremely satisfying to the taste buds (and tummy), and economical, too, pasta is everyone’s “go-to” food when you’re plumb out of cooking ideas. A good pasta dish becomes one with its best friend: the sauce, along …

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Escape into a Virtual Reality

To paraphrase a popular song by Madonna, we are living in a virtual world. Modern technology has made it possible to create computer-generated, three-dimensional recreations of the world around us – plus worlds we could only imagine – through virtual reality (VR). In these simulated parallel universes, we are able to use special goggles, headsets …

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Living History Farms

New Jersey is the Garden State, and with gardens come farms and, of course, animals. So as The Journal celebrates pets and animals this month, Historic Havens will take you to some historic places where animals are the center of attention. These special places are called “living history farms.” They are fully staffed and functioning …

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Sage Fine Dining

Astounding! Every now and then, something truly special happens, like it did the night we had dinner at Sage Fine Dining. First of all, forget everything you think you know about kosher and fine dining. This is not kreplach and corned beef, nor is it a single olive floating on bed of pea foam. This …

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Have Another Meeting?

How many meetings are enough? At times, even the word “meeting” can garner a negative reaction for some. When you tell a subordinate, “We need to have a meeting,” you often get a look like they were just sent to the principal’s office. Are business meetings important? Certainly, yes. Can they be drawn-out, overdone, draining …

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