Friday, April 10, 2020

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The Journal Publications will be operating remotely effective Thursday, March 19, 2020.

My Visit to American Dream

When you think of the American Dream, do you think about a massive mall with an amusement park, water park, ski slope and ice rink? If you don’t, then I am about to blow your mind. East Rutherford has welcomed a mall that revolutionizes what we would... Read More

How to Make – and Keep – New Year’s Resolutions

In theory, the new year seems like a good time to make a change in your life. After a holiday season often filled with indulgences like eating, imbibing, shopping and celebrating, a blank new calendar offers a fresh start. In reality, the cold, dark days... Read More

Let’s Talk About Healthy Foods in the New Year

January: the month to start anew in everything we do. In this month people make promises to themselves to hit the gym and start a diet. But losing weight is not about denial. It’s about taking a holistic point of view of food and healthy living. Maximum... Read More

My Visit to Red Bank During the Holidays

I grew up walking into Red Bank with my best friends, wandering around Funk N Standard (who remembers that store?), taking goofy pictures in the photo booth and ending the day at Starbucks with a vanilla bean Frappuccino (I was in middle school –save... Read More

Red Bank Welcomes New Italian Restaurant, Via Avanti

Just six weeks before this writing, Red Bank welcomed a new Italian restaurant and for those of you thinking, “Well that’s bold,” Via Avanti is definitely worth a try. There are many signs that it is a new place. For instance, the menu says Sneek... Read More

Do It Better: Simplifying the Holidays with Less Stress

For many people, the main focus of the holiday season is religious. For others, it’s getting together with loved ones and special friends. Yet those priorities are often overshadowed by an intense personal effort to make everyone happy. You may end... Read More