Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Spring Cleaning Monmouth county njSpring Cleaning Monmouth county nj

Smart and Simple Spring Organizing Tips for Families

As the spring weather arrives, many of us get the urge to tackle spring cleaning and organization. Perhaps we are inspired by the KonMari craze or simply need to declutter all we acquired over the winter season. Spring organization can transform your... Read More

Joyce Venezia Suss What's cooking pilaf

Welcoming Spring with Nature’s First Bounty

After long winter months with heavier foods, April brings welcomed relief as farm-fresh vegetables reappear in food markets – tender, sweet and super crisp. Look for green peas, new carrots, artichokes, spring onions and – my favorite – asparagus. I... Read More

Albariño Tapas & Wine Bar Shrewsbury new jersey

Albariño Tapas & Wine Bar

This April, we tried something a little different and visited the recently opened Albariño Tapas & Wine Bar in Shrewsbury. Albariño is the latest offspring of the Terra Moma group, a well-respected Princeton-based brand which includes Eno Terra,... Read More

Growing Up With Tourette Syndrome

Each month our young authors write, in their own voice, stories that will educate and inform fellow students and parents. If you are a teen who would like to write your story, contact The Journal. We’ll help you polish it up, so don’t worry, let’s... Read More

Joyce Venezia Suss 1

Kids in the Kitchen

Our daughters love to help me make sugar cookies, pressing cutters into the dough and decorating them with frosting, colored sugar and candy. When they were young, I expanded their fun by letting them cut other foods into shapes to use for sandwiches,... Read More

Kids Cooking

Let’s Talk About Kids Cooking

Cooking with kids can be great family fun! The kitchen is one of the best places to spend time together. While you try to get dinner on the table, turn your kids into kitchen helpers and introduce an interest in food (the sights and smells), nutrition... Read More

Ethan James Casey Middletown NJ

Tips to Teach Kids About Money 

Many kids go off to college and have no clue how to budget their money to get them through a week, month or even the entire school year. And once they graduate and start working, it’s a clumsy path of learning how to live on their own without putting... Read More

Thomas Berke

Learning with Professor Thomas Berke

The thought of the organic chemistry strikes fear in the hearts of most students. This has never been a descriptor applied to my organic chemistry course, during which I rely on active learning and guided inquiry. These approaches provide a more exciting... Read More

Bangkok House Eatontown new jersey

Bangkok House 

In a month that features so much Irish fare, we decided to travel halfway around the world, via Eatontown, to sample the exotic tastes of Thailand at the Bangkok House. It really did feel like we had left Monmouth County. This place is the most authentic... Read More