Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Teen Scene

Each month our young authors write, in their own voice, stories that will educate and inform fellow students and parents. If you are a teen who would like to write your story, contact The Journal. We’ll help you polish it up, so don’t worry, let’s... Read More

LET’S DISH! Let’s Talk About Apples!

Ever since Eve tempted Adam in the garden of Paradise with a sweet, glossy-red apple, the apple has continued to lure people with its sweetness. Despite its having been responsible for the fall of man, the forbidden fruit is actually held in high esteem... Read More

Dining with Draz: River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar

With summer gently exiting into fall and inspired by the Fall Sports Preview in this month’s Journal, we took off to Brick to sit by the water at the River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar, a popular dining spot, sports bar and party location for a... Read More

Your Pet Has Cancer

“Your pet has cancer.” Those are sad, scary words. For many families, that is the end of their story, and they say their goodbyes to a beloved family member. For others, their journey is only beginning when they seek a consult with a veterinary oncologist.... Read More

Historic Havens: Historic Sports Bars

This month, The Journal turns its attention to all the student-athletes in our Fall Sports Preview. Going to the games is a can’t-miss experience, but coming in a close second – especially for watching professional sports – is the sports bar. Long... Read More

BUSINESS MATTERS: Performance in Your Absence

How long can your business survive without you at the helm? Are your people ready to cover for you in case of an unexpected long-term absence? Have you trained your staff to handle all areas of responsibility, and do they know who would shift into leadership... Read More


Dear Cassie: I am divorced and have a son who is about to start his senior year in high school. Does my ex-spouse have to pay for my son’s college? -P.S. Dear P.S.: On the basis of your question, I am not sure if you entered into a Marital Settlement... Read More