Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Essential and Practical Items to Keep in Your Car

A car is primarily for transportation, but it’s often a place where you spend a lot of time: waiting for a sports practice to end, heading to the grocery store, taking a family vacation, and more. During an emergency like a sudden blizzard or a road... Read More

LET’S DISH! Let’s Talk About Chickpeas

A chickpea isn’t a pea at all – it is really a legume. It also has other names: garbanzo bean in Spanish and hamaz in Arabic. So why is this little, creamy legume called “chickpea?” Interestingly, the Latin word “cicer” was lent to Cicero,... Read More

My Visit to Places Where I Could Give Back

We are thinking about our health now more than ever. It has become a priority to so many, especially during a pandemic. I began to think about ways to give back and help those struggling with COVID-19 and other health issues. When feelings of hopelessness... Read More

Dining with Draz at Barnacle Bill’s

It was a beautiful spring evening, and we couldn’t resist taking the plunge into early waterfront dining, so off we went to Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson. This place has been there for years, and the wooden walls, dotted with touches of nautical-themed... Read More

The Parker Homestead-1665

This month, The Journal focuses on home improvement tasks. Most readers who have tackled a remodeling project like adding a deck or even simply repainting a room know that things can go from easy to pretty complicated in a hurry. Now imagine if your project... Read More

Teen Scene

Welcome to Teen Scene. Each month, our young authors write, in their own voice, stories that will educate and inform fellow students and parents. If you are a teen who would like to write your story, contact The Journal. We’ll help you polish it up,... Read More

LET’S DISH! Let’s Talk About Purple Sweet Potatoes

You may have heard of the silly “purple people eater,” but have you considered that people eat purple things? We know that foods come in many colors, but did you know that sweet potatoes are not all orange? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the purple... Read More

My Visit To Island Beach State Park

In the winter months, it is a continuous battle trying to stay active and finding outdoor activities that don’t involve frostbite. I’ve found that staying at home the majority of days, with a repetitive routine, has been quite mundane. I woke up to... Read More

How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Take a walk this spring – out your front door, to the front of your house, and turn around. Pretend you are a passerby and look carefully at what you see. The term “curb appeal” is often used when selling a home, but it’s also an important attribute... Read More