Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Historic Havens: Historic Clothing

This month, The Journal focuses on beauty and fashion. It is also Black History Month, so let’s explore some of historic sites that showcase fashions of the past and history of the times when they were in vogue. This month, Marlpit Hall welcomes your... Read More

Business Matters: Is the Grass Really Greener?

Decades ago, I observed a phenomenon that was impacting the American work ethic, and today it has reached an alarming level. Growing up, I was taught work hard, stay focused, and success will come. But in college, I heard, “You will have an average... Read More


Dear Cassie: What are the grounds for an annulment, as opposed to a divorce, in New Jersey? -M.M. Dear M.M.: Annulments, also known as “judgments of nullity,” can be granted for the following reasons: • Either of the parties is already married at... Read More

Single Family Homes Area Real Estate – Nov. 1 to 30

Atlantic Highlands – Closed eight, ratio of sale to list price 98 percent, lowest closed sale $480,000, highest closed sale $962,500. Currently active 12, pending five. Colts Neck – Closed 17, ratio of sale to list price 96 percent, lowest closed... Read More

Teen Scene

Welcome to Teen Scene. This month’s author is 18-year-old Tristan DeCrescenzo, of Lincroft. This month, The Journal is focusing on wedding and special event planning, and as any good party host knows, the music makes the fun. Our author, however, has... Read More

Do It Better: How to host a great game night

It’s normal to feel like hibernating during the winter months, but when you start to get restless and want some company, consider hosting a game night for family and friends. It’s easy, inexpensive and good fun! Game nights can be organized spontaneously,... Read More

Dining with Draz: Comfi in Belmar

It’s a new year, and we started with a new idea. Let’s have lunch/brunch, and just wait until you do the same at Comfi in Belmar. This place is bubbling with charm, fun, and the food is off the hook! From the block letter, multi-colored logo to the... Read More

As Your Pet Ages

The average age of our pets is increasing. Between one-third and one-half of pet dogs and cats are living to age 7 or older. With aging, we will see physiologic changes such as hair whitening, declines in body and coat condition, and a loss of hearing... Read More

Historic Havens: Vintage Wedding Gowns on Display

History is the fabric that connects our communities. Its threads unite us all, so now it’s time to button down our Historic Havens topic. This month, The Journal celebrates weddings and special events with a most unique visit to the Vintage Wedding... Read More

How to Use a Wellness Wheel for a Balanced Life

The concept of “wellness” is not only about your records in a doctor’s office. A more personal approach is using a “wellness wheel” that highlights personal dimensions in your life: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental,... Read More