Aug 16, 2020

My Visit to the Red Bank Farmers Market

By Julia Mortimer

I began my day bright and early, waking up with the sun. What better place to do so than Sea Bright Beach? I always cherish my Sundays, so why not be awake for most of it? The sun began to peak out from the horizon while the sky was painted with an orange-pink hue. I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise then I headed to the farmers market in Red Bank to browse and bask in the fresh herbs and flowers.

The season of juicy peaches and gorgeous sunflowers is upon us, with Sunday mornings spent at none other than the Red Bank Farmers Market. My mom and I look forward to the market each week, and we were both so ecstatic that it was able to reopen this summer. Each vendor has persevered through such difficult times. It is heartwarming to support these local, hardworking people. Each vendor and customer shared a special interaction, both glad to see one another on this Sunday morning.

Among the many browsing and basking in the sensuous scene of the Red Bank Farmers Market that day were young families, older folks in straw hats and those who walked to the market to get some fresh produce for their Sunday dinner. We all walked along as scents of fresh fruit and flowers fill the air.

Grocery shopping, which I usually find to be a drag, can now be done outside in the sun all while supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs.

We browsed the market, masked, with the morning sun beating down on us. There seemed to be a newfound sense of appreciation and gratitude that wasn’t present before the pandemic. These small things, like a trip to the market, were held so dearly and were at risk of being taken away for the summer. Greeting the same people each Sunday, picking up a bouquet of flowers – these fleeting normalcies that come with everyday life are cherished now.

A copious amount of fresh produce, sprinkled with vibrant colors, was on display at the market. From baked goods to pickles, there is something for everyone at the quaint, seasonal market.

Once we bought our bouquet of flowers and peaches, it was time for coffee. We ordered on the Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co. app and made our way into Fair Haven. The sweet, little shop sits on the corner of River Road and De Normandie Avenue, radiating the delightful smell of coffee beans and sweets. The pick-up process was seamless, as coffees awaited its consumer on a table at the door.

Though it has been a journey adjusting to the β€œnew normal,” these activities we once never thought twice about hold a new sense of importance. Seasonal events like the Red Bank Farmers Market hold such a place in my heart and sit snug in my memory of the summer season in downtown Red Bank.