Sep 29, 2020

My Visit to the Henry Hudson Trail and Oak Hill Farms

By Julia Mortimer

In the months upon months of being cooped up in my house, walking aimlessly about and checking the fridge consistently just to see if anything had changed, I recently made a conscious effort to get out and be mildly productive (while being safe). Not just to go grocery shopping and pick up a coffee from a drive-through, but I wanted to fill my lungs with fresh, outdoor air – you remember the kind?

Exercise, as we all know, is wonderful in that it wakes up those endorphins that have been lying dormant for far too long. For a long while, my only energy being burned was from the anxiety resulting from the whirlwind of societal happenings. To release endorphins and everyday stresses, I decided to start walking.

In my decision to start walking on a consistent basis, I wanted it to be as enjoyable as possible to ensure I wouldn’t grow bored after the second walk, so I chose the Henry Hudson Trail in Highlands. When I envision a scenic walk, an image of the beautiful the Henry Hudson Trail comes to mind.

This trail with views of the Sandy Hook Bay is located off Route 36 and spans 24 miles. I begin my walk over by Sissy’s at the Harbor, a great spot if you enjoy a yummy outdoor breakfast on the water before or after your walk. With the unforgiving heat, it’s also nice to have the breeze from the water as you walk the asphalt trail. The views are incredible.

I walked for about four miles until I hit the beachfront. I then turned around to enjoy the beautiful view of the bay once again along with the cattails encompassing the trail, making the summer sun less harsh.

After my satisfying and scenic stroll, I headed over to the greatly anticipated Oak Hill Farms in Holmdel. The quaint farm just opened in late August. Home to alpacas, goats and a plethora of goods, it’s just the spot to get fresh local, honey and giggle at some animals.

My sister and I entered through the large farm doors. It’s so delightful inside, as though it was decorated for a country wedding. Various types of honey were on display, along with fall scented candles and seasonings. I’m a sucker for jams and butters, and when I spotted the apple butter, I had no choice but to buy it – blame it on the endorphins.

The aroma of coffee filled my nose, and I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a lovely little coffee bar offering hot and iced coffee with some pastries from Apple Street Kitchen in Tinton Falls. On display they also have fresh flowers, something I always love to have in the house.

Oak Hill Farms is most definitely a spot I will be revisiting for fresh jams, honey and local brews.