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My Visit to the Belmar Pro

By Julia Mortimer

As the summer heat began to dissipate and fall made its slow return, I found myself scrambling to get all of my summer activities completed in the month of September. Though I mourn the long days of summer, there is such beauty in the transition. The summer’s suffocating humidity begins to rest, and a cool breeze washes over. There are plenty of nostalgic things about the end of summer but many wonderful things about the beginning of fall such as pumpkin spice returning but your tan fading. Nights grow longer, but sweatshirt season begins. 

There are late August/early September activities I continue to do each and every year. These include freaking out about fall-flavored food items at Starbucks and Trader Joe’s but, more importantly, is attending the Belmar Pro. 

Despite the fact that I do not surf, I take great joy in immersing myself in the surf culture and watching people kill it in their sport. The Belmar Pro takes place each year around mid-September – right around the time tourists have taken the pilgrimage back up north.

As stated on the Belmar Pro website, “There are fun contests, autograph signings, demos, bands, food vendors and giveaways. And the action doesn’t stop when the last horn goes for the day. Evenings are packed with parties, live bands at various venues and film premieres.”

Credit: @artopiadesign IG

We made a weekend out of it and spent the majority of the first day sitting on the beach watching the surfers compete. It’s truly such a graceful sport; the athletes look so effortless in their movement through the water. The waves were perfect for competition due to Hurricane Larry. After watching all the athletes in amazement, we built up an appetite. 

On this particular weekend day, we headed over to 10th Avenue Burrito. The wings at 10th Avenue Burrito are tremendous! We also always get an order of chips and guacamole. I mean, how can you not? 

The following day was just as beautiful outside, a cool breeze coming off the water as we watched the competitors and sat on the beach with sweatshirts on. There was also a band playing which was lovely. I do not remember seeing a band any of the other years of the Pro, so it was a nice addition! On this day, we also enjoyed delicious pizza from 3 Brothers From Italy.

I look forward to the Belmar Pro each year, and it did not disappoint. The weather was perfect and the waves even better. It is my favorite way to pay homage to a Jersey Shore summer and welcoming in the new season.

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