Sep 07, 2020

My Visit to My Dog’s Favorite Places

By Julia Mortimer

There for you when you get home, with a tail wagging. An overwhelming day that is turned joyous when kisses and cuddles from your furry friends ensue. Through quarantine, our pets have been there for the long days of walking around the house aimlessly, baking excessively and the mental breakdowns.

Today I had a nice full day of activities with my two dogs, Cooper and Haddie. For a light introduction of the two goofballs: Cooper is a mysterious mix but we think shephard, hound and husky. Haddie is a border terrier and a Lhasa apso mix. We began the morning at the dog park for social hour with other furry friends. A great recent discovery was Wolf Hill Recreation Area in Oceanport. This park is massive, which means ample running space for the doggos. It is right next to the Monmouth Racetrack. Honestly, I’m not sure who gets more excited, me or the dogs. I love meeting new dogs with their big personalities.

Once I open the gate, Cooper takes off full speed ahead. He wags his way over to every dog to greet and sniff. Once the pleasantries are exchanged, the running and playing begins. Haddie keeps to herself – she sniffs the grass, comes back to me to say high and monitors Cooper to make sure he isn’t getting into any funny business.

There is something so comical about the comparison between a dog park and a playground. Dog parents and human parents act similar toward their children/pet. For instance, Cooper is still puppyish, so he is still learning the ropes on how to play nice with other dogs. He hit another dog, so I apologized to the dog owner and she replied, “Oh she’s fine. She’ll play however the other dog wants to!” It truly expresses the variations in personality from dog to dog. These trivial exchanges appear so similar to the relationships between children while their parents are there to monitor.

Once heart rates slowed and Haddie began whining to leave, we headed home. Big naps occurred with dreams of a field full of treats. In the afternoon, we headed to Seafarer Bar in Highlands with the well-rested pups.

With tails wagging and hair pushed back from the wind, we stroll onto the outdoor bar. It is such a lovely spot to relax with friends, pets and a drink in hand.

I chatted with a few friends over beers and brisket from Local Smoke BBQ, as the dogs played carelessly. The bar area is accompanied by a deck which looks out over Sandy Hook Bay. I highly recommend going around sunset!

It is always a good day when it’s filled with puppy kisses, brisket and spending time with some friends accompanied by a Sandy Hook view!