Jan 27, 2021

My Visit To Local Spas

By Julia Mortimer

It’s a new year – thank goodness! Last year was stressful on all of us. I noticed that it took a toll on my skin and body. Stress can cause a number of unwanted things like aging, acne, tightened muscles and more. As if dealing with stress isn’t enough, stress gives you more things to worry about. In an effort to reverse and prevent these occurrences, I thought I would get a facial and a massage from two different spas.

I read many positive reviews about Milagro Salon & Spa. The luxury spa has two locations, one in Manasquan and the other in Red Bank. I made my appointment at the Red Bank location because I conveniently live five minutes away.

I chose a signature facial when making my appointment, but I explained to the receptionist that I would let my aesthetician decide which facial would be best for my skin concerns.

I had an appointment at 6 pm, which I would recommend because it was such a nice way to wind down and feel relaxed before bed. My aesthetician, Maryanne, was so sweet and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The spa’s ambiance was relaxing and cozy, exactly what I would look for with this experience.

Once I spoke to Maryanne about my acne scarring and breakouts that I frequently experience, she recommended we go with the Dr. Dennis Gross peel. It is described as the “ultimate anti-aging facial.” She explained that it would do wonders for my scarring and stubborn post-hyperpigmentation.

It was truly such a relaxing experience. I was melting into the table while she massaged products into my skin and followed that with a warm towel over my face. Once it sadly ended, my skin felt so rejuvenated, and my post-hyperpigmentation had faded.

I’m already ready to book my next peel with Maryanne! The next stop on the self-care train was a massage at The Spa at the Commons, another small business that had endless positive reviews. This time, I made an appointment for the morning because I thought it would make for a relaxing start to my work-from-home day.

I experience a relaxing and comfortable ambiance at the Fair Haven luxury spa. I’ve never had a massage before, so I was a bit nervous. The massage therapist explained everything thoroughly and was personable. I changed into my fancy robe and laid down on the heated table.

I didn’t realize how much tension I held in my shoulders and neck that the therapist was able to work on and release. The hour-long experience flew by. I felt such an overwhelming sense of relaxation leaving the quaint spa.

My skin and body felt brand new after the wonderful experience from both local spots. Getting a facial or massage is such a nice treat to give yourself every once in a while. I also love being able to support local businesses that suffered losses due to the pandemic. I’m already dreaming of my next appointments!