Jul 15, 2019

My Visit to Bayshore Waterfront Park

By Julia Mortimer

bayshore waterfront park spy house port monmouth middletown nj

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It is that wonderful time of the year when we get to spend summer days at the beach from sunrise until sunset. The ideal beach location for Middletown residents, Bayshore Waterfront Park, is perfect for bringing the kids for a chill beach day or to catch a striped bass off of the beautiful pier that was built after Superstorm Sandy.

My beach bag was packed with the essentials: sunscreen, a towel, my Swell water bottle and “The Art of Racing in the Rain” (my current summer read, so good!). Now, I am all set to begin my relaxing day off. On a beautiful Sunday morning, I decided to spend my day at Bayshore Waterfront Park. Finding a spot in the lot usually isn’t an issue, as there is ample parking, even at peak hours of a perfect beach day.

bayshore waterfront park spy house port monmouth middletown nj

I unloaded my belongings and made my way onto the beach. I planted myself on the sand, close to the water, a splendid spot to soak up the sun. Sitting amongst me were families with toddlers intently building sand castles, young adults with friends enjoying their summer break and older couples under umbrellas chatting about their adult children’s antics.

I decided to take a stroll on the pier to appreciate the views of the shoreline, along with the New York City skyline, scenery that will never grow old. I spoke to a few local fishermen who said they have been coming to the Bayshore Waterfront Park for many years.

Staring out on the water from the pier felt almost therapeutic to me as I heard the crash of the waves, children playing and fishermen casting out a line with hopes of reeling in the next big catch. A sense of relief washes over me after taking a few minutes to really listen, view and appreciate the picturesque scenery.

bayshore waterfront park spy house port monmouth middletown nj 3

My day of reading and inhaling the salty air continued as dusk begins to fall, my favorite time to be sitting on the beach. The temperature dropped a few degrees, giving your body a break from the beating sun. After watching the radiant sunset, it was time to pack up and head home!

While walking onto the boardwalk area toward the parking lot, two older men were chatting and enjoying the view. I began talking to them, explaining that I was writing a story on the park. One of the men smiled and said, “It used to be the best kept secret. I’ve been enjoying it for 30 years!”

bayshore waterfront park spy house port monmouth middletown nj 6

Bayshore Waterfront Park is a spot loved and adored by locals. It is just the place to spend your summer days whether you’re fishing, tanning or building sand castles.

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