Nov 08, 2020

My Visit to Apple Street Kitchen and Eastmont Orchards

By Julia Mortimer

Courtesy of Apple Street Kitchen

Not only do we get a break from the summer heat as autumn settles in, but we can also enjoy those fall activities that are accompanied by cinnamon and pumpkin-flavored goodies. On this sunny fall day, I decided to really lean into the fall season spirit. All of my days begin with caffeine, so naturally I headed to Rook Coffee in Red Bank for their pumpkin cold brew. After my much-needed brew, it was time for brunch! Brunch, such a wonderful invention. To whoever thought it would be a good idea to have a meal between breakfast and lunch, I am eternally grateful.

As we all are dreadfully familiar, trivial things like brunch have taken the back seat for the past few hectic months. So, once we are able to enjoy things like brunch again, there’s a newfound excitement in these activities. On this day, I enjoyed an outdoor meal at Apple Street Kitchen in Tinton Falls. I frequently drive past it and always mean to visit, but I never had. So I thought I’d finally go and tell everyone reading this about it. If you needed a sign to stop for lunch at Apple Street Kitchen, this is it!

I decided to go solo, because that too is something I’ve never done because it made me uncomfortable. I sat outside under a tent, beside the lively garden. At Apple Street Kitchen, they serve breakfast and lunch, but because I went in the interim of the two, I felt it appropriate to dub it a brunch date. Every item on the menu sounds so delicious, with fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden. I settled on more of a savory option, the brisket patty melt. It was unbelievable. From the bread, to the meat, to the tomato relish spread.

I most definitely plan to return to Apple Street Kitchen for a proper breakfast because I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.

After a filling meal, I decided to head to Eastmont Orchards with some friends to pick up a pumpkin for carving. The orchard is vast with rows and rows of apple trees and pumpkins, all sitting patiently, waiting to be picked up. With the breezy weather and wonderful staff, it was most definitely an enjoyable experience! I picked a perfectly round pumpkin from the patch and headed home.

Fall is such a wonderful season, one to reflect and enjoy all that the season has to offer.