Jan 18, 2021

My Visit to a Psychic

By Julia Mortimer

Self-contemplation has been a major theme in my everyday life since I’ve been spending the majority of my time at home, but thankfully the year has finally come to a close. Reflection upon the chaotic year begins to play like a trailer throughout my mind, and with reflection comes thoughts of the future and what is in store for this seemingly post-apocalyptic year. Instead of trusting the ways of fate, I decided to visit a psychic.

Psychic Marcia Bartolf is based in Matawan. She was recommended to me by a trusted friend, so I felt confident going into the reading. Generally, I would feel uncomfortable approaching an unknown situation where someone can channel my energy and tell me things about myself that I may not have even recognized. Bartolf made the process so comfortable and not at all daunting. The reading began, and she dove right into my professional and personal life – knowing how my family and my own relationships were, what I do for work and other key aspects of my life. It was bizarre hearing her talk about my future because of how similar it was to how I imagined it.

I was overwhelmed by the accuracy of the information she shared with me. She expressed what came through to her, and it felt so organic and conversational. At the end of the reading, I was able to ask questions. I asked a number of personal questions about friends and family, and each were spot on. Laughs were shared over the idiosyncrasies of my loved ones. I left the reading feeling hopeful and a little shocked.

After my morning reading, my caffeine headache began to settle in. I’d been meaning to try Offshore Coffee Roasters in Long Branch since it opened in the midst of the pandemic. I headed down Ocean Avenue to the quaint coffee shop on Brighton Avenue.

I was pleasantly surprised by the great number of seating. It’s the perfect spot to dive into your work if you’re tired of working from home. I ordered a latte which was wonderful. I then got a hot coffee, which was also delicious! I sat with my laptop for a few fleeting hours, reflecting upon my reading and racking my brain piecing things together that the psychic had mentioned.

I do feel a bit skeptical when it comes to supernatural things, but I am glad I went into the reading with an open mind. It is unbelievable hearing things about yourself and your future from a stranger.