Mothers Day New Jersey Red Bank
May 07, 2018

How to Pamper Mom this Mother’s Day

By Alyssa Stutz

Mothers Day New Jersey Red Bank

Ask a mom of little kids what she wants for Mother’s Day, and you’re likely to be left a bit confused. She might want some alone time, in peace and quiet. She might be desperate for an uninterrupted shower, with the bathroom door locked and some Mariah Carey “classics” blasting at full volume. She might love to take a stroll around downtown Red Bank with nothing in her hands except for a hot cup of Rook (and maybe some shopping bags from her favorite stores, of course).  At the same time, she likely also wants a day where the little hands that belong to her favorite people are hugging around her neck, reminding her of how loved she is, and how lucky she is to have little people to call her “Mommy.”

Gifting a young mom on Mother’s Day is not an easy task, so we are here to help with some fun, local suggestions to make this Mother’s Day a special one.

For the new mom… think relaxation and a whole lot of sleep. Urge her to stay in bed as long as she’s able to (this is not the year to wake her up with breakfast in bed!!). Help her feel good about herself. Send her out for a manicure and pedicure (Eden Spa is one local hidden gem with an amazing spa pedicure!), send her to the Grove for some new clothes that make her feel confident and pretty. Pamper her and help remind her of how special she is.

For the moms of multiple kids… just take over. Do the everyday chores that take away from the fun of motherhood. When the kids start fighting or whining, be the one to handle it. Send her out alone to Sickles Market for fresh flowers. When she comes home (bonus points if the house is clean), treat her like a queen. Hand her some champagne and her favorite sandwich from The French Market and give her free reign to do whatever she would like. It’s the one day of the year she will allow herself to be put first. Encourage that!

For the mom who enjoys some “extra” pampering… think outside the box. A massage is great, but don’t forget to consider something that has lasting benefits. Consider a gift certificate to Arch Brow Bar for a facial, wax, or even some eyelash extensions (she will be loving those lashes when she wakes up every morning looking like she had a full night of sleep!).

For the moms who enjoy “au natural” pampering… treat her to an Ultimate Spa Day at Integrative Wellness Group in Belmar. She will be treated to hours of holistic relaxation in a gorgeous setting overlooking the water.  When she comes home, have some relaxing essential oils diffusing and her favorite organic snacks from Dean’s set out for her.

For the fitness-loving moms… send her to try out a booty-burning spin class at The Megacycle in Shrewsbury. She will get a full body workout that will leave her with those endorphins flowing! Follow it up with a family picnic lunch and some scenic hiking at Hartshorne Woods.

No matter what you plan, whether her day is spent at a local spa alone, or if she is surrounded by kids in the backyard planting flowers and digging in the dirt; make her feel special. By making a mom feel valued, appreciated, and most of all, loved, you’ve given her exactly what she wants, needs, and deserves.