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How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

By: Joyce Venezia Suss

Take a walk this spring – out your front door, to the front of your house, and turn around. Pretend you are a passerby and look carefully at what you see. The term “curb appeal” is often used when selling a home, but it’s also an important attribute for homeowners who take pride in their dwellings. First impressions mean a lot to visitors, so check this list to see if your home could use some refreshing, modernizing or even just a pop of color.

Replace a Dingy Doormat

The doormat at your front door has endured a winter of muddy boots, road salt and more. Replace a tired, worn-out mat with a fresh one. Be sure it is weather-resistant and heavy enough to not blow away during a storm. Look for a non-slip backing, and buy a larger size if you have a wide front door.

Paint Your Front Door

If you have a builder-grade white or beige front door, paint it a distinctive color that enhances your home’s exterior. To get inspired, search online for “front door colors” and be amazed! Once you find your perfect color, ask for assistance at the paint or hardware store to find exterior door paints that dry fairly quickly and are weather-resistant. For another punch of color, paint your screen door in a contrasting shade.

Decorate Your Front Door 

Door hardware is like jewelry for an entry door. Swap a basic round doorknob with a fresh new style, perhaps even in a different finish. Door knockers are also a fun touch for a plain door, or hang a door wreath that suits your personal taste, such as a colorful floral, sophisticated eucalyptus spray or a metal monogram.

Update a Small, Boring Mailbox

Most letters are delivered into basic boxes mounted by front doors or on a curbside pole. Modern mailboxes come in a wide range of styles, colors and materials, and are typically made larger than in years past, to hold all those home and garden magazines and catalogs!

Update Your House Numbers

With more packages and takeout orders arriving at homes, make life easier for delivery people by replacing small, faded house numbers with larger versions that can be seen clearly from the street. There are so many styles to choose from now, with a variety of fonts, sizes, materials and colors. Make sure they are weatherproof if they will not be under a porch or overhang.

Consider the Complete Entryway

Place potted plants on either side of the door – symmetry catches the eye. Garden centers have a wide range of colors and styles, and don’t skimp on the size, because larger containers make a dramatic statement. Check if your porch furniture needs a good soapy scrubbing. If cushions are faded and dingy, invest in replacement cushions.

Clean up the Garden Beds

Pull weeds, put down fresh mulch, and plant some annuals in bright colors. Trim shrubs to remove scraggly overgrowth. If desired, edge your beds with bricks or stones for a finished look.

Give Some TLC to Garage Doors 

A faded, peeling garage door can be freshened with paint, perhaps in a color that complements the front door. To add visual interest, home improvement stores sell faux handles and hinges – even faux windows – in vinyl and magnetic versions.

Add or Replace Lighting 

Lights aren’t just for visual appeal but also safety. Clean porch and coach lights to remove dirt and cobwebs. Replace burned-out bulbs, and use the highest wattage allowed to brighten your front door and yard. If you have only one small light, consider installing more light fixtures, especially if the path to your doorway is dark.

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