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By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

My writing has always been upbeat with a goal to encourage readers of my thoughts. Please know this article is no different. I would like to address a topic that some find difficult to ponder, but I know it is in your best interest to do so. Please see my challenge here for what it is, for who among us does not know the value of “finishing well”?

I have seen people unexpectedly pass away or fall into disabling circumstances. Some were well-prepared for this eventuality, but others were not. Some had great wealth and complex estates and left behind difficult situations for their families leaving frustration and even resentments that could have been avoided. I am not saying we can plan for every contingency, but I hope to encourage you to think more about your future and that of your loved ones.  

Having forethought on estate related issues can be a real eye-opener. This preparation will not only benefit those left behind, but in the interim may give you some unique perspectives on your current situation and where you really want to be when the time to move on comes.

Too many people have no plans at all, not even a simple will, and in that case even the smallest of estates can be difficult to manage. In too many cases, wealth may pass into the hands of the government. If that’s not an eye-opener, I don’t know what is.

When my father unexpectedly passed, we found comfort in his thinking of us and providing detailed notes on what we should do when he left this earth. Not only was it clear about how his estate should be handled, but he provided instructions for funeral arrangements. This gave our family comfort at a time of sorrow when decision making was most difficult.

What if the unthinkable happens? This is a question far too many of us ignore. We all make plans, some more detailed than others. Some of us plan our days or vacations or business travel, most entrepreneurs have goals set so that they reach the heights they work so hard to achieve. But too few of us are really prepared for the ultimate departure.

Perhaps your strategy is to leave whatever you may have accumulated to someone else to deal with? After all, will it matter to you when you have moved onto the next life? But I truly believe that finishing well and leaving your loved ones in the best position to cope with their loss of you is important. So please, give some serious thought to what happens when you are no longer at the helm.

Important: This is not only about accumulated earthly treasures, but most importantly is how you want to see those dearest to you perceive your transition into eternity. Please, take some time and prepare so when you leave this world you will have peace in knowing you finished well.

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