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Business Matters: Success Calls for Hard Work

Glen J. Dalakian, Sr.

If there are secrets to success (and millions seem to think so when you consider all the books written on the subject) there is one I have certainly experienced. Here it is; Sorry to tell you, but there is no substitute for hard work. But of course anyone who has experienced even minor success has come to know this fact. There is no way I have found a way around this, but the good news is, with determination, perseverance and focus, you can do it!

It’s not all about “sweat and blood” but they do play their role. Work smarter not harder. Planning can go a long way to smooth the path to reaching your goals and dreams (BTW – Can’t have one without the other).  Planning helps but using three tools will propel you forward. Read, experience and seek counsel.

1) Readers are leaders, this is a fact.  The more you read the more you gain from other people’s experience.  If you solely rely on your own mistakes you will become discouraged and it will take you many, many more years to achieve. Reading a book by someone who has done it before allows you to add all their wisdom to yours and therefore give you a stronger foundation on which to build.

2) Experience:  This is where the real hard work comes in. You need as much experience in your field as possible. You can gain some through reading, but there is no substitute for first-hand experience, and you need it to succeed.

3) Mentors: Seek counsel from other people who have been able to achieve what you want. Their success may not be in your field, but if they have reached the levels you desire they have valuable insight that we no doubt benefit you on the road to your dreams.

Stay strong and persevere. If it were easy, and anyone could do it, then where would that leave you? If you are not where you want to be and especially if you feel stuck at some point, be encouraged, this may be the defining moment that makes the difference in moving you forward. Gain energy by rethinking your dreams. Then write down the goals that will get you there. Then shake it off (whatever may be holding you down) and get back in the game.

One last tip; Don’t look at the success of others and write it off (as most people do) by saying “Oh they were lucky.” That’s discouraging to you and demeaning to the person who is now reaping the benefits of their hard work. One of my mentors often said “The harder I work the luckier I get.”  It may happen, but it is very rare that a person reaches the highest point in their career without great sacrifice.

“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”  Proverbs 14:23

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Colin Powell

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