Sep 22, 2022

BUSINESS MATTERS: Entrepreneurs, Vote!

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Some people like to ignore it and just plug along and take the hits as they come, but business is impacted more and more by government as each year passes. Small business is a driving force in our economy and has been increasingly encroached upon, and as business owners, we must be aware of what is going on around us.

New rules, regulations and laws are constantly changing the playing field, and we must – if we plan to build our companies – be well aware of what’s happening. Voting is a powerful way to head off what you might feel are prohibiting laws coming down the road. Choosing the right candidates who understand the true needs of the business community is critical to your future. 

Your vote counts! Keep in mind that if you are an entrepreneur, you are an influencer, and your example resonates with others. Share your concerns and encourage people to understand why they should vote. Give them insights that can help them in their decision-making on Election Day. As we move toward elections and casting ballots, it is ultimately our own personal choice, and we should not make it lightly or out of habit.

Our founding fathers saw voting as a privilege for the well-informed. Many people were excluded from voting in the early years of our nation because of status or perceived lack of knowledge. In some respects, that may have made some sense (at the time), as why should someone cast a vote if they did not have an understanding of who they were voting for and why. The founders of our nation knew that the average person would not have the experience or enough information to make a good choice.   

As we know, the world continues to change. The available information on candidates seems to be endless, yet it appears to be more difficult to choose than ever before. Do we vote by party or philosophy, or do we vote for the person? Do we even vote at all? Sadly, statistics show that many Americans choose not to vote. But business owners cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and be marginalized or silenced.

So back to the question: why Vote? Does it really matter which party is in power? Is it important who the candidate is? As business owners, we need to make honest evaluations and vote. Now more than ever, America needs entrepreneurs, especially since they have such a strong impact on the economy, and in my opinion, are a pathway to getting us out of this current inflation crisis.   

I pray we will all take a fresh approach to why and how we vote. Think deeper than looks and party; seriously consider what is best for business and community and then vote!