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BUSINESS MATTERS: Difficult vs. Impossible

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Many things we use in life today were at one time thought to be impossible. Flight, cell phones, medical wonders are just a few that were scoffed at, and the inventors were often ridiculed for even considering them. But today we find ourselves using these innovations without thought and with an expectancy for high performance and even greater enhancements around the corner. What do you have in mind for your business or career that, at the moment, may seem impossible?

What I am referring to here goes beyond a goal list. There might be a singular item or concept you wish to bring to market. If it’s unique, it will take singular focus to develop and eventually deliver. If you have such an idea, the first question should be, “Is it worth it?” What is the return on investment (be sure to include your time)? Can you do it within an acceptable time frame? Do you need additional support to make it happen, and what does that look like? These are just a few points to consider as you venture into uncharted waters and reach for the brass ring.

Once you have considered the costs, the next big question should be, “Are you up for the challenge?” It is hard to consider all the obstacles that will come when creating something outside the box – many setbacks may occur – but what is your resolve? If you will stick with it no matter what, then go for it as success may be in your near future.

What support will you need to reach the impossible? Can you do it on your own, or will you need a team? Is your team ready to do the difficult work that will lead to the success for your business? Sometimes you will need to engage others in the endeavor. You should also consider what the time spent on achieving your new goal will keep you away from. If your business is dependent upon you working 50 hours per week and you need 20 hours a week to achieve the impossible, where will that time come from? Other work, family, friends, hobbies may suffer as you expend time and resources on this new plan or widget.

I know this is a lot to digest, and there is not enough space in this column to cover all the details, but be sure that you go into this new endeavor with eyes wide open. Be encouraged as there are not many things we cannot do if we really put our minds and hearts to it. Stay the course and the reward may be great. If it’s your passion to achieve this impossible thing, you can do it!

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