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Business Matters: Bobbing and Weaving

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

What does a business owner have to do today to keep the ship on course? It takes lots of bobbing and weaving as the work environment continues to evolve in unexpected ways. Changes in worker availability (and attitudes), product delays and even opportunities have been unprecedented, and companies need to learn to adapt quickly or run the risk of errors that can lead to large losses.

So, what does your workday looks like tomorrow? You can plan all you want, but be sure to leave flexibility in your schedule to address the latest twists and turns. Keep an ear to the rail and do your best to be ahead of the curve. You can watch news updates, but insights from peers and information from industry trade organizations may be the better choice in predicting your next steps. What you hear may be surprising or perhaps discouraging, but it’s better to walk with your eyes wide open with as much information as you can digest. This, along with your experience, will allow for the best educated predictions for the most successful course of action for your business.

Although we may feel like we are living in the twilight zone, we can win the day with a level head, clear thought, research, and leaning on the wisdom you may have acquired or can find in others. Here are some tips that may keep you moving in the right direction:

1) Address the issues head on and in a timely fashion. Look into what is changing and know your options.  

2) Take a breath. Don’t dive into quick decisions, unless the conditions are emergent. With so much happening around us, circumstances and even facts may change quickly. Be sure you move but do it with the right timing.

3) Communicate regularly with your team to see how they are evaluating and responding to current events. Regular dialogue with employees will give them confidence and provide a clear understanding of what they expect from you and the market.

4) Reach out to peers and industry leaders for input on what they see. This may give you some fresh insights and additional hope. Gather as much information as you can from reliable sources.

5) Make a decision and push forward. Don’t sit waiting for things to happen; make them happen. This way, they are more likely to turn out in your favor.

If you have owned a business, this dance is not new to you. It may be more complex and take additional effort, but you must take every opportunity to stay the course and lead your organization to success.  This will ensure that the new opportunities that are before us will be available and of great benefit to your future.

“Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.”  -Psalm 126:6

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