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Business Matters: A Christmas to Remember

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

It’s time for Christmas! What does this mean for your business? Every area of commerce has a different expectation for the year’s end. For retail, we all know it’s the busiest time of year. For some, things slow down at the holidays, and it’s a time to take it easy – maybe even vacation. For others, it’s a rush time to hit your goal numbers, and some people just see it as another passing month with the same workload. Whatever it equates to for you and your professional life, why not make this Christmas season a most memorable one?

Everyone appreciates something extraordinary. December could be a time of year that, regardless of the volume needed, your company can stand out and be an inspiration for your clients, your employees, your family, your community and so on.

To make something special in business, planning is important, so here are a few points to consider as you make this a memorable year’s end:

1) Adjust your marketing and perhaps your product or service offerings for the holidays. Every company is different, so just don’t follow the competition. Think through what you have done in the past and innovate.

2) To make something unique, it usually takes a team effort. Share your desire to stand out and be sure your staff knows that you are committed to making this the best Christmas to date as you seek their insights.

3) Get the word out to your clients in every way you can so they are aware of any changes you’re making due to the holidays. This could include unique, time-sensitive sales opportunities, discounts, enhanced delivery, days closed, shorter or longer hours, etc.

4) Many clients are looking for year-end opportunities for budget, annual deadlines or other reasons. If you need max volume, provide customer incentives and add special bonuses for employees to motivate them to watch for new prospects.

5) New year incentives can be refreshing. The competition may slow to take a breath from the December hustle and bustle, so be ready to hit the ground running. Many companies want to come into the first quarter with new initiatives that may mean opportunity for you.

6) Set new goals for December and January. Annual projections are important, but month-to-month is even better. Collaborate and share your expectations with your staff to set the bar high to achieve the desired end results.

Christmas became a national holiday in the U.S. in 1870 and has been celebrated across the nation since. Make this Christmas special. Although I write primarily for commercial purposes, let’s not forget the reason for the Season. Most Americans identify with Christmas and what it represents. There are others who celebrate their own holidays, and my hope for all of you is that this is a time of peace and joy as we reflect on all of God’s blessings. I wish you and yours a most happy and healthy holiday time and a very merry Christmas!

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