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Bottoms Up: Irish Lemonade by The Dublin House

By Camryn Mercatanti

Let the four-leaf clovers pop, Saint Patrick’s Day is here! When you think of St. Paddy’s Day, two main drinks come to mind: Guinness or everything and anything Jameson. Given this, The Dublin House in downtown Red Bank is a must-visit to properly celebrate the luck of the Irish. The Dublin House is not only one of the only places that honors the Irish tradition of serving Guinness in a 20 oz. Imperial pint, but it also has a sweet spot for Jameson. 


  • 1 oz Jameson
  • 2 oz Ginger Beer
  • 2 oz Lemonade
  • Dash of bitters
  • Fresh mint
  • Lemon slices


  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Add the Jameson, ginger beer and lemonade.
  • Add a few mint leaves and a slice or two of lemon.
  • Put the mixture in a shaker with ice.
  • Add a dash of bitters.
  • Shake the mixture.
  • Rim the lip of the original glass with a lemon wedge.
  • Pour the cocktail back into the glass.
  • Add a floater of Jameson to top.

The Irish Lemonade not only gives homage to Ireland, but it also is a refreshing alternative to a Guinness. Irish Lemonade is light but mighty. The ginger beer and lemonade perfectly mask the Jameson until the end, making for a strong but enjoyable punch. The mint not only offers a crisp smell but also a fresh taste. Besides Irish Lemonade being the perfect cocktail to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with, it is also a great way to welcome in some warmer weather.

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