Living rich coupons cindy livsesy christmas
Dec 21, 2018

After-Christmas Sales… here I come!

Living rich coupons cindy livsesy christmas

Some of you may still be shopping for the holidays, but you still need to be prepared for the amazing life of After Christmas Sales. I’m going to tell you all about how they work and what to look for! Get excited!

Where to shop after-Christmas sales: The absolute best are Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann’s, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and even HomeGoods and Marshalls. But don’t forget your local stores as well. A ton of mom-and-pop shops are also looking to turn over their holiday inventory.

Markdowns and markdown schedules: This is a hard one to pin down as all stores are different, but most stores start at 50 percent off and can go up to as much as 90 percent off. How fast that happens is really up to the individual store.

HomeGoods and Marshalls usually go right to 50 percent off and stay at that price until their merchandise is gone. Target starts at 50 percent for décor and 30 percent for food; after about two weeks, Target slowly increases the discounts up to 90 percent for décor and 70 percent for food.

Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s will sometimes push their markdowns faster, getting to 90 percent off quicker than most. Their stores are smaller, and they need to room to move in their new inventory.

Sale items to look for after the holidays

Food storage items: Ziploc, Pyrex and even store-brand food containers or bags that have some type of holiday design on them (i.e. snowmen, snowflakes, etc.) will be discounted. TIP: Use these all year long! Your leftovers will still stay fresh if stored in snowman baggies.

Home décor: While some Christmas/holiday décor just screams Christmas (i.e. Santa signs, stockings, etc.), you can find beautiful items that can be used all year round. I have a pretty cream blanket I once picked up from Target for around $3 after the holidays. It was part of their holiday collection, but it’s just a simple cream throw.

I’ve also picked up wooden candle holders for less than $1 each. Once again, no sign of the holidays on these, and they sit on my table all year round.

Remember, things like this also make great gifts throughout the year, so grab a few things and stick them in your gift closet.

Paper goods: Think paper plates, cups and napkins. While my family has been known to eat off plates with snowflakes on them in the middle of July, many times you can find holiday paper goods that are solid red, white or green, or blue for Hanukkah. I’ve also found them with subtle designs that don’t appear to be holiday related. Abstract green Christmas trees actually look like a green brushstroke if you look quickly.

Food items: Cake, brownie or cookie mixes with a holiday-themed box are just regular cake, brownie or cookie mix that happens to have Santa on the front of the box.

Cookware: These are probably my favorite after-Christmas finds. Look for any type of cookware that has been labeled as holiday. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tag or sticker labeling it as their holiday collection. Once the label is off, it’s a regular cookware item. Sure, you’ll see cookware in the shape of Christmas trees, etc, but more times than not they are just regular cookware items.

Disposable pans: Another cookware item to hunt for, some foil pans and tins may have holiday decorations on them – but honestly, who cares? You’ll be cooking a roast or bread in the pans and then throwing them away.

Wrapping Paper – This is probably what most people go for during after-Christmas sales. While it’s great to stock up on wrapping paper for next Christmas, keep your eye out for patterns that can be used all year round as well. Solid silver or gold wrapping papers are great for weddings or bridal showers. Solid green works for any occasion. One year I found a pretty green and white trellis pattern that definitely didn’t look anything like Christmas, but there it was in the Christmas clearance.

Christmas cards: Buy cards for next year at rock-bottom prices – while the number of cards you sent out this year is fresh in your mind.

Christmas décor: While you are decorating or entertaining this year, take note of items you would like to add to your décor, and put them on a list you can carry after the holidays. Then snatch them up at rock-bottom prices.

The best way to keep up with after-holiday sales is to follow me on my Instagram account @livingrichwithcoupons. There I post, almost daily, all the deals I find at different stores. It makes it easier for you to know, ahead of time, what to look for and when to head to the stores.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday – and I hope to see you in the stores the week after Christmas!