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2020 is Finally Over, Time to Set New Goals for Your Business in 2021

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Over the past six months, how many times have you asked or been asked, “Is 2020 over yet?” Seems to be a common theme in these tumultuous days, especially for the small business owner and their employees. No need for the litany of challenges and no one could have imagined such a year, but it all happened and God willing, it’s all behind us (maybe not over, but much is behind us). This is the time of year to refine our vision and adjust our plans to move ourselves and our companies forward.

So now that the year is over and we are into 2021, have you turned the page and begun your new strategy to make this your best business year yet? People are learning to adapt and adjust their habits. Have you? New trends have developed, products we never imagined have emerged, people are rethinking their work, play and living conditions. Where do your ideas fit in? How can your enterprise help accommodate these new and evolving needs?

Even marketing has changed. Yes, the methods are new, less door-to-door and more electronic communication, less “pressing the flesh” and more digital interaction. But we still must find a way to get out there and let prospects know we have what they want. Have you consulted with professionals on a new strategy to take advantage of all the media available? Whatever you do, don’t pull back into your shell. Risk is an entrepreneur’s companion, and we must take it when required. There are still real opportunities, and I encourage you to (safely) take advantage of each one. Make up your mind and your budget, to get above the noise and be sure your message is heard through any available resources.

The good news is that if you have made it this far, your odds of winning are greater than ever. I believe the best time to start or build a business is in the down years, and certainly for most, 2020 has been one. But the tenacity and the strength to endure that we have acquired are most valuable assets for any organization. Every business needs a “bulldog” who will just not quit no matter what comes and being one is of comfort to those around you – staff and clients alike.

If you have not already taken the actions needed to get your company back on track with your goals and dreams, here are a few pointers: Engage with professional marketers for new insights. Get to as many live events that can benefit your business as you can find. Develop a fresh approach; seek out new products and services that your clients can benefit from and let them know you can deliver them. Stay focused on your goals, and be sure your team catches your vision.

Let us remember the immortal words of Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over till it’s over!”

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