Thursday, August 5, 2021

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My visit to logo

My Visit to My Dog’s Favorite Places

There for you when you get home, with a tail wagging. An overwhelming day that is turned joyous when kisses and cuddles from your furry friends ensue. Through quarantine, our pets have been there for the long days of walking around the house aimlessly,... Read More

My Visit to the Red Bank Farmers Market

I began my day bright and early, waking up with the sun. What better place to do so than Sea Bright Beach? I always cherish my Sundays, so why not be awake for most of it? The sun began to peak out from the horizon while the sky was painted with an orange-pink... Read More

My Visit to Sandy Hook

It was just another wonderfully warm and sunny day along the Jersey Shore, the type of weather that’s sinful not to take advantage of. With the sun shining and my pups passed out on the couch, I knew it was only right to take a drive over to Sandy... Read More

My Visit to Sea Bright this Spring

As I drive from the Sea Bright Bridge onto Ocean Avenue, with “Jersey Girl” by Bruce Springsteen playing and the salty air beginning to fill my car, I can’t help but feel excitement for the summer ahead. While the sun begins to hide behind Chapel... Read More

Re-Visiting My Home During COVID-19

There’s that moment, when you first open your eyes in the morning, when you forget about the state of chaos the world is burdened with right now. My day begins with the excitement of having my Rook cold brew (would it be sad if I said it was the highlight... Read More

Visiting a Few Can’t-Miss Spots in Colts Neck

Colts Neck is known for its beautiful homes and farmland – a Central Jersey town that thrives during autumn. The scenic routes, apple orchard and pumpkin patches can’t be beat. Not only is Colts Neck lovely to frequent in the fall, but during... Read More

My Visit to Beautiful Atlantic Highlands

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey –Home to many who enjoy the scenic outlooks, beautiful homes, and quaint downtown full of some of the best restaurants and cute shops along the shore. I am from the Red Bank/Middletown area, so my general stopping grounds... Read More

My Visit to American Dream

When you think of the American Dream, do you think about a massive mall with an amusement park, water park, ski slope and ice rink? If you don’t, then I am about to blow your mind. East Rutherford has welcomed a mall that revolutionizes what we would... Read More

My Visit to Red Bank During the Holidays

I grew up walking into Red Bank with my best friends, wandering around Funk N Standard (who remembers that store?), taking goofy pictures in the photo booth and ending the day at Starbucks with a vanilla bean Frappuccino (I was in middle school –save... Read More

My Visit to Riverside Gardens Park

“My Visit to” is a new column that will take you on a local journey with a local resident. Experience their day without ever having to leave your couch… though you might want to get up and get out after reading! The epitome of a summer... Read More