Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Historic Havens: Trinity Episcopal Church

In this month when Passover and Easter, the two most significant religious holidays of the Judio-Christian faiths, are celebrated, Historic Havens visits Trinity Episcopal Church in Asbury Park. This massive, granite stone church with its enormous stained... Read More

Historic Havens: Shipwrecks of the Jersey Shore

In addition to many happy memories, the Jersey Shore has seen its share of tragedies. Most of the sorriest tales are those about shipwrecks, and the sad truth is our coastline is the final resting place for hundreds of ships and thousands of souls.  Certainly... Read More

Historic Havens: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

We begin our new year of Historic Havens by paying a visit to the remarkable St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Freehold Borough, one of only five 18th century Episcopal churches remaining in New Jersey. This is the oldest building in town, yet this vibrant... Read More

HISTORIC HAVENS: New Year’s Resolution

It’s time to reflect on where you’ve been this year and where you plan to go next year. As you make up your list of New Year’s resolutions, put exploring history on your to do list and learn and experience more about the glorious Garden State.  Monmouth... Read More

Historic Havens: Holiday Gifts for History Hounds

It’s The Journal’s Holiday Guide, and we’ve got some great gift ideas for the history hounds on your list.  We’ll start at the Historic Village at Allaire which is celebrating its 200th year. The General Store is always full of unique gifts like... Read More

Historic Havens: A Walk Among the Tombstones, Part 5

Historic Havens once again takes another walk among the tombstones. Over the years, people have enjoyed this story so much that it has inspired them to visit a few of these graves, so please do and share interesting stories you discover.  Cemeteries... Read More

Historic Havens: Historic Sports Bars

This month, The Journal turns its attention to all the student-athletes in our Fall Sports Preview. Going to the games is a can’t-miss experience, but coming in a close second – especially for watching professional sports – is the sports bar. Long... Read More

Historic Havens: Great Minds of New Jersey

It’s back-to-school time, and to inspire you to do all your homework, Historic Havens is going to focus on some of the most brilliant minds of the Garden State. New Jersey has led the way in technology, medicine, the arts and many other arenas. No discussion... Read More

Historic Havens: Old Tennent Church

In this month when we celebrate Independence Day, we reflect on the brave patriots who fought to establish this union. On June 28, 1778, General George Washington led the Continental Army to fight the Battle of Monmouth. However, long before this became... Read More