Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Love for Animals

Just like everyone I work with, I love animals. I’ve almost always had a dog. Even growing up, we had nothing, but we had a dog. I’ve always tried to work hard – waitressing, bartending, etc. I was also a travel agent for a while. When I applied... Read More

Why Do I Rescue So Many Special Needs Pets?

It all began when I decided to foster a quadriplegic Yorkie. Simon stole my heart and created in me an understanding of special needs pets. Even though he cannot walk or even move his limbs much, he has a full life, with lots of love and entertainment.... Read More

Building for the Future of Veterinary Medicine

Garden State Veterinary Specialists, a nearly 30-year resident of Tinton Falls, has continually expanded the variety of veterinary specialty services it provides to the community. The increased demand for emergency care and specialty services has led... Read More

Your Pet Has Cancer

“Your pet has cancer.” Those are sad, scary words. For many families, that is the end of their story, and they say their goodbyes to a beloved family member. For others, their journey is only beginning when they seek a consult with a veterinary oncologist.... Read More

Preventing Heat Stroke in Dogs

It’s the time of year when everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. However, this weather predisposes your dog to heat stroke, which is an emergency situation that requires immediate veterinary attention. Dogs do not tolerate the heat as... Read More

Fun in the Water

The summer season provides a great opportunity for you to share some quality time with your pets outside. Many dogs love the water, but despite what you may have seen in the movies, cats do not particularly enjoy it. Another common misconception is that... Read More

Vacation Plans? Who Will Care for Your Pet?

This year’s summer season promises to be a popular one for travel, with many people anxious to vacation away from home after a long pandemic-induced hiatus. Our pets have been spending more time than usual with us and are not used to being separated... Read More

Putting Your Cat on a Diet

If your cat is overweight, a diet is a great place to start helping him or her lose weight. It can be hard, though not impossible, to get cats to exercise, so a diet is usually the best way to help our feline friends cut down a few pounds. Cats who are... Read More

Canine Cataract Surgery Outcomes

While almost everyone knows someone who has had cataract surgery, many people are unaware that our canine companions can get cataracts too! They may develop due to genetics, nutrition, diabetes, old age or trauma. Although most dogs are not reading, writing,... Read More

Patellar Luxation: Where are Your Dog’s Kneecaps?

Patellar luxation, also known as “trick knee” or “floating kneecap,” is a common condition seen in toy and miniature breed dogs. Occasionally, large breed dogs and cats are also affected by this condition. Most cases of patellar luxation are congenital... Read More