Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Putting Your Cat on a Diet

If your cat is overweight, a diet is a great place to start helping him or her lose weight. It can be hard, though not impossible, to get cats to exercise, so a diet is usually the best way to help our feline friends cut down a few pounds. Cats who are... Read More

Canine Cataract Surgery Outcomes

While almost everyone knows someone who has had cataract surgery, many people are unaware that our canine companions can get cataracts too! They may develop due to genetics, nutrition, diabetes, old age or trauma. Although most dogs are not reading, writing,... Read More

Patellar Luxation: Where are Your Dog’s Kneecaps?

Patellar luxation, also known as “trick knee” or “floating kneecap,” is a common condition seen in toy and miniature breed dogs. Occasionally, large breed dogs and cats are also affected by this condition. Most cases of patellar luxation are congenital... Read More

The Use of Technology in Wildlife Monitoring

My name is Rebecca Berzins, and I am a senior Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy (MEBP) major at Monmouth University. In the MEBP program, we study a variety of New Jersey native species. I have been working with my mentor, Dr. Sean Sterrett,... Read More