Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Garage Sale Dairies: A Christmas Gift

Back in our early days of garage sale shopping, we had a holiday experience that was so unique that even years later, when this season rolls around, we still talk about it.  It was early on a bright winter day, and we were driving around looking for... Read More

Garage Sale Diaries: Marshmallows and Woodchucks

On our last expedition, we found ourselves in a neighborhood where, a few years ago, we bought some marshmallows from an old woman who was selling all kinds of homemade sweets. Her marshmallows were like nothing we’d ever tasted before – totally different... Read More

Garage Sale Diaries Craftsmanship

We spent a lot of time driving around searching, but after many miles of roaming and many wasted gallons of expensive gas, we realized that it has been too hot for most sellers to hold weekend sales this past month.  We hadn’t really found anything... Read More

Garage Sale Diaries A Free Lunch

From the street, we could see the typical collection of used household goods on display in front of the opened garage door. It all seemed pretty boring, but then we both saw it at once: a big, old picture frame – really more of a shadow box – and... Read More