Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Do It Better: How to Stimulate Creativity in Children

Most children in the 21st century live by the clock: school, after-school activities, homework, bed, repeat. The goal is often getting into college, where hypothetically they will discover what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Many people... Read More

Do It Better: Natural DIY Beauty Remedies

It’s easy to find all kinds of beauty products for sale: creams for dry skin, products to exfoliate flaking skin, lotions that promise to reduce wrinkles and fade age spots – and much more. Most contain ingredients that sound more like a chemistry... Read More

Do It Better: How to host a great game night

It’s normal to feel like hibernating during the winter months, but when you start to get restless and want some company, consider hosting a game night for family and friends. It’s easy, inexpensive and good fun! Game nights can be organized spontaneously,... Read More

How to Use a Wellness Wheel for a Balanced Life

The concept of “wellness” is not only about your records in a doctor’s office. A more personal approach is using a “wellness wheel” that highlights personal dimensions in your life: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental,... Read More

Adding Fun to Holiday Gatherings

Holiday gatherings often include family, friends and food, but adding a fun theme can make it extra memorable for everyone. Some of these creative ideas can also be hosted virtually.  Wrap and “Wrum” – Invite friends over before the holidays to... Read More

Seven Things Your Pet is Trying to Tell You

This month’s column has been written on behalf of cats and dogs who truly love you, but have some special requests they can’t verbalize. Pets don’t speak our complicated human language, and they don’t understand everything you say to them. Their... Read More

How Parents Can Help Their Child’s Teachers

Parenting takes place largely in the home, but many teachers also welcome and encourage parental involvement in school. School and family partnerships typically develop well-rounded, motivated students who are exposed to more life experiences. Every school... Read More

Fun-For-All Summer Bucket List

Summer brings the freedom that comes with warm weather and vacation time. This season of long days is often a happy mix of active fun and relaxation. More activities take place outside, and families typically spend more time together. To embrace the joys... Read More

Getting the Most Out of a Tourist Attraction

If your idea of vacation fun includes spontaneity and last-minute adventures, this column is not for you. These suggestions are designed for travelers who want to visit their must-see places with no surprises or hassles. Planning ahead is the golden rule. Make... Read More

Essential and Practical Items to Keep in Your Car

A car is primarily for transportation, but it’s often a place where you spend a lot of time: waiting for a sports practice to end, heading to the grocery store, taking a family vacation, and more. During an emergency like a sudden blizzard or a road... Read More