Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Do It Better: Take Better Photos with your Smartphone

A smartphone is primarily a communication tool for most people, used for texting and phone calls. But many people also rely on smartphones to take photos. Some would insist that professional photographers are able to achieve higher quality photographs... Read More

Do It Better: The Art of Gifts in the Season of Giving

It is much better to give than to receive. This classic proverb has been passed down through countless generations, yet the art of giving is often misinterpreted in this materialistic world. True giving comes from the heart, even if it sounds cliché.... Read More

Do It Better: Finding a Pet Sitter

Some pets are lucky enough to join pet owners on vacations, family visits and sometimes even work-related trips (many hotels are now pet-friendly.) But there are times when you must arrange for pet care, finding someone who is able to provide proper care... Read More

Do It Better: Evaluating After-School Childcare Options

School days typically end at 3 pm, which leaves working parents with a challenging window of two or more hours before they arrive home. If you are faced with this parental dilemma, here are some common options for after-school care. After-school programs... Read More

Do It Better: How to Beat the Heat

The heat of a torrid summer day can sap your energy and make you feel crabby. It can also be dangerous for the very young and elderly. Even if you have air conditioning – or want to cut back on your energy bills – there are other ways to help you... Read More

Do It Better: Benefits of using a credit card

Credit cards are a convenient alternative to carrying cash, but they must be used responsibly to avoid getting into debt. The best way is to use a credit card only for what you need – not what you want – and to pay the balance in full each month,... Read More