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Business Matters

Business Matters: Handling Money

When money is involved, perspectives change. What many people do not realize is that money is a tool no more no less, not something we should love or worship. Like any tool, it should be treated with respect and handled properly or it can fail. Losing money may limit our abilities to accomplish certain goals …

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Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New Board Members

The Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) is delighted to announce the addition of three new board members: Randy Vogel, Dawn Torres and Howard Stein. Their collective expertise and diversity of experiences will provide valuable leadership as the chamber works to promote business growth, enhance economic development and improve the quality of life in the …

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Business Matters Hammers and Nails

Innovation and creative thought are the building blocks for any successful business. Having the knack to get outside of ourselves and see the vantage point of others and anticipate reactions is valuable in developing any enterprise or career. Too often, we compare people to ourselves and look for those who are clones to hire. But …

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BUSINESS MATTERS: Recession or Not?

As the economists, politicians and newscasters banter about throwing words like “inflation” and “recession” around predicting rough days coming our way, what does this really mean to a small business owner? Some may see it as an excuse to pack it in, some may whine about it and stagger through willing to take losses hoping …

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My writing has always been upbeat with a goal to encourage readers of my thoughts. Please know this article is no different. I would like to address a topic that some find difficult to ponder, but I know it is in your best interest to do so. Please see my challenge here for what it …

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