Thursday, March 23, 2023

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BUSINESS MATTERS: Recession or Not?

As the economists, politicians and newscasters banter about throwing words like “inflation” and “recession” around predicting rough days coming our way, what does this really mean to a small business owner? Some may see it as an excuse to pack... Read More


My writing has always been upbeat with a goal to encourage readers of my thoughts. Please know this article is no different. I would like to address a topic that some find difficult to ponder, but I know it is in your best interest to do so. Please see... Read More

BUSINESS MATTERS: Taking The High Road

Although we might not always see them, opportunities still abound all around us – some easier to chase than others and some more long-term in their reward where perseverance is the only path to success. Quick-reward scenarios can also pop up at times,... Read More

Business Matters: A Christmas to Remember

It’s time for Christmas! What does this mean for your business? Every area of commerce has a different expectation for the year’s end. For retail, we all know it’s the busiest time of year. For some, things slow down at the holidays, and it’s... Read More

BUSINESS MATTERS: A Time of Thanksgiving

An attitude of gratitude resonates to the benefit of everyone around you. This is a valuable trait for an entrepreneur to exhibit, and it leads to a healthier, more successful life. November is a time when the holidays start to bring Thanksgiving into... Read More

BUSINESS MATTERS: Entrepreneurs, Vote!

Some people like to ignore it and just plug along and take the hits as they come, but business is impacted more and more by government as each year passes. Small business is a driving force in our economy and has been increasingly encroached upon, and... Read More

BUSINESS MATTERS: Performance in Your Absence

How long can your business survive without you at the helm? Are your people ready to cover for you in case of an unexpected long-term absence? Have you trained your staff to handle all areas of responsibility, and do they know who would shift into leadership... Read More

BUSINESS MATTERS: Leaders are Teachers

These days it is more and more difficult to find the right help to run and/or expand any business. Employee retention is a key element to the success of any operation. We must find ways to not only motivate our staff but give them reason to be an active... Read More


How fast are you to say yes? Have you ever made a deal that was accepted quickly, only to have buyer’s remorse like you could have done better? More to the point, have you ever been asked for something and jumped to provide the part, service or time... Read More

Business Matters: Talk Value, Not Price

If you are a business owner and/or in sales, you know there is no trophy for second place. One of the keys to winning a deal is to be sure the relationship you have built with the potential client is solid enough to handle the price questions. But keep... Read More