Monday, May 29, 2023

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Dear Cassie: If I am divorcing but not yet divorced, does this change how I file my income taxes? Also, do I have to file jointly with my spouse? -M.M. Dear M.M.: A divorce, in and of itself, does not affect your tax filing status. So long as you are... Read More


Dear Cassie: I am divorced. My spouse has enrolled our children in a very expensive summer camp this summer. Do I have to pay for it? -L.P. Dear L.P.: The first question that must be answered is, what does your Marital Settlement Agreement or Judgment... Read More

Ask Cassie

Dear Cassie: Iโ€™ve obviously heard of restraining orders, but what can you tell me about how restraining orders actually work in New Jersey? โ€“A.S. Dear A.S.: Restraining orders in New Jersey (whether temporary or permanent) are issued under a law called... Read More