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Apr 01, 2019

Winners of The Journal’s Giveaway Get Engaged during Prized Trip

By Shanna O’Mara

Megan Greene Rob Troy Journal Engagement Molly pitcher

The social media post was created, instantly sparking hundreds of comments, likes and shares. Up for grabs: a one-night stay in the River View Room at the scenic and romantic Oyster Point Hotel.

27-year-old Megan Greene, of Middletown, commented on the The Journal’s giveaway post with hopes of winning the free night. Her 28th birthday was approaching, and luck was on her side. Greene was randomly selected out of the pool of applicants and decided to book the trip with her boyfriend of one year, Rob Troy.

“I kept saying we should save it for the summer, so we can do something nice then,” Greene said.

But Troy had a different plan.

“It worked out perfectly for us because I was looking for a way to propose, so when she won the free night in the room, I was like, ‘Alright that’s it. That’s going to be it,’” the 34-year-old Middletown resident said. “I had the ring for a little while. I was waiting, trying to figure out when to do it. I figured The Oyster Point would be nice, over the water.”

journal engagement molly pitcher

The ring!

Convincing Greene to reserve the room, Troy arrived early in the day with his mom and aunt to fill the suite with balloons, flowers, champagne and chocolate. The couple came back later in the day to check in, but something was amiss.

“The key was under her name, so I figured when she walked into the room, she’d see all the balloons and stuff,” Troy said. “I thought the lights would be on.”

But they weren’t.

“When we walked in, it threw me off a little bit because it was dark in there, so I had to find a light switch,” he said, giggling with his fiancée as they recalled they blunder. “I flipped it on, but the lights didn’t come on. So now I’m like, ‘Oh God, here we go.’ I’m fumbling around trying to find the lights. Finally, I get them on, and she’s standing there, looking at all her stuff. I had the ring in my pocket, so I got down on one knee, and when she turned around, I proposed right there.”

Greene gleefully said yes, and Troy slid the diamond onto her finger.

Since their engagement, Greene and Troy have been visiting venues and gathering wedding ideas. They are looking forward to possible Valentine’s Day nuptials in 2021. The two want to wed in their home state and are even considering a reception at The Oyster Point Hotel.

Hopefully they’ll have plenty of guests to man the light switches.