Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Sep 17, 2020

What to Know Before Heading to the Movies This Weekend

By Julia Mortimer

If you are an avid movie-goer, there’s been a hole in your heart that hasn’t been filled since theaters closed back in March. Luckily, theaters have now opened at 25 percent capacity. As positive COVID cases continue to decline and the things we love begin to open, there may still be some hesitation. Here’s what to know before you cozy up with some popcorn:

  • Face masks are required except while eating or drinking in the auditorium. Movie-goers must also partake in social distancing. This pertains to seats as well. When selecting your seats, if you choose two, the two seats adjacent become blocked off.
  • Seats will also be sanitized before every movie, and many buildings have adopted an advanced three-point air quality standard. Equipment used to clean the air are “designed to deliver an abundant supply of fresh outdoor air, maintain optimal air circulation, eliminate potential pollutants and, of course, provide our guests with a comfortable temperature and humidity level.”
  • Things like concession stands, kitchens, restaurants and bars, including countertops, will be sanitized every 30 minutes. There will also be hand sanitizing stations dispersed throughout the theater.

There are a number of movies in theaters now and more anticipated films. With the thorough cleaning and care by theaters, hopefully there is ease in seeing a great film.