Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Nov 09, 2017

Welcome, Boomer!

Deane-Porter School is proud to introduce Boomer, their therapy dog. Boomer hit the school halls running and is already making an impact in the district. People want to know a lot about the youngest Bulldog, so here are some of the important facts about him.

Boomer is a Blue Merle (Merle is his coat pattern, and his color is blue) Aussiedoodle, born on May 2. He’s from Columbus, Ohio and was driven to his new home by Ms. Shari Feeney and Mrs. Lori Zucker (grade six ELA teacher) He lives with Ms. Feeney and her family. He is being trained by Mrs. Liz Waters, Mrs. Diane Ryan, and Ms. Feeney, and is currently taking a puppy kindergarten class. He will continue training and take his therapy dog test when he is a year old. For now, Boomer’s main job is getting used to going to school and he attends morning meetings and visits with students all the time.

He goes home for lunch, playtime with Buddie (Mrs. Ryan’s Jack Russell terrier), and a nap every day, and plays with Mrs. Water’s two miniature Schnauzers, Romeo and Rosie, after school.

Boomer loves playing with other dogs and puppies, walking on the trails, and chasing frogs in the pond, as well as Bully chew sticks, squeaky toys, and fluffy stuffed animal toys. He is truly a welcome new member of the Deane-Porter family!