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Kevin Kret CBA Walk Christian Brothers Academy
Sep 17, 2018

Walk the Walk with Kevin Kret

By Les Pierce

Kevin Kret CBA Walk Christian Brothers Academy

The Kret family leads the gathering at the annual “Walk the Walk with Kevin Kret.”

The Kret family led the ninth annual “Walk the Walk with Kevin Kret” on Aug. 7 at Christian Brothers Academy. An assemblage of 120 supporters joined in a ceremony to share encouragement and pray for Kevin’s recovery.

Brother Frank welcomed the attendees to start the ceremony, followed by an eloquent rendering of the national anthem by local vocalist GiGi Abinader.

Kevin’s father, Michael Kret, then took the microphone and asked the crowd, “Can I see a show of hands of those who have been with us at every walk?” Many hands went up. He then asked, “How many of you are with us for the first time?” Once again, the response was vigorous.

As evidenced by the feedback, the Kret family is blessed with the unwavering support of a core group of stalwarts, and the refreshing spirit of new devotees who have joined in the belief there is hope for Kevin’s recovery.

Michael thanked the attendees and described how meaningful it is to know that so many people hope Kevin will someday wake up. He then led the crowd, flanked by his wife, Joan, and family members, with Kevin in his wheel chair, for the traditional walk. The trek is a one-lap journey through the rotunda-style horse arena. The crowd then moved to the infield, where Michael led in praying the rosary to complete the ceremony.

Kevin was a 2008 graduate of CBA and had completed his freshman year at Villanova University as an engineering major. On July 23, 2009, he was skateboarding near his home and ran over some debris on the street that caused him to be thrown backward. Severe damage to the brain stem was incurred as he struck the ground. He has never regained consciousness, and has since remained in a vegetative state.

Over the years, the Krets have pursued various treatments and the latest technologies without success. However, through their faith, they continue to embrace hope that Kevin will one day recover. Joan Kret said, “People often ask us how we do it. Our answer is where there’s life, there’s hope, keep praying.”

The Kevin Kret Walk was co-chaired by Lisa Ardito, Lorraine Cohen, Rosemarie Conner and Roseann Gaudio. Following the walk, Conner stated, “It’s inspiring to see family and friends gather together to support the Kret family with hope and prayers for Kevin’s progress.”

Donations to help cover Kevin’s therapy costs can be made at