Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Jun 08, 2017

Two Rivers Shade Tree Alliance Hosts Rutgers Professor Tree Talk

The local communities of Fair Haven, Rumson, Little Silver, and Shrewsbury came together on April 19 at Rumson-Fair Haven High School as a broader group to hear about our trees, how they benefit our environment, and some we can avoid. The shade tree commissions of the four towns hosted Rutgers University professor Jason Grabosky’s engaging talk before dozens of local residents. Professor Grabosky, a local expert in urban forestry, ecology, and natural resources, encouraged an interactive session filled with educational slides of information while entertaining questions throughout the presentation.

In exchange for Professor Grabosky’s time and effort, each town will sponsor a high school student to be CORE trained this fall. The New Jersey Shade Tree Federation hosts bi-annual training in northern and southern New Jersey to educate participants on the nuances of our green friends and proliferate key community forestry program themes. High school students interested in taking advantage of the CORE training program should contact their local shade tree commission to learn more.

Fair Haven Borough Councilman Christopher Rodriguez, former commissioner and current council liaison to the Fair Haven Shade Tree Commission, said, “I’m proud that we’ve has taken a leadership role in driving the Two Rivers Shade Tree Alliance event with our neighboring towns and plan to coordinate follow-on events in the years to come. All of the local shade tree commissions are volunteer organizations and need your help keeping our parks and public places green and maintained. Please consider taking local action by joining your local commission as a volunteer today. You’ll be glad you did.”